Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MUSH alert!

Okay, I honestly did not think I could love this guy any more than I already do.

Boy was I wrong.
I mean if I'm being honest, he does have his flaws:
He hates cleaning.
He never makes the bed.
Romance is not at the top of his list.
He tends to work too much at times, and
I won't even talk about some, ahem, fumes that may leave his body at times.

BUT, he is by far one of the best, most involved fathers I know.
He is also a great minister. He loves his youth group to the fullest.

He makes me laugh more than anybody else.
He gives amazingly awesome back rubs and gives them often.
And, well, he's just a pretty great husband (even with his flaws).
It could be said that I have a few flaws myself, but since this is my blog, I don't have to list them if I don't want to....and I would hate to focus on myself right now when I'm suppposed to be writing about him.

Anyway, I didn't think I could love him any more than I already do.

Then I saw this photo and other photos like it:


  1. I didn't think I could love you, sweet daughter-in-law and loving wife to my youngest son, any more than I do. But boy, was I wrong. I read this entry with tears rolling down my face and felt your love for him touching my own heart with every word! What a joy it is to see this picture! AND....I thought the same thing when I saw it....Rachel is going to be starting a new binder :D Thank you for sharing this entry!!!

  2. Rachel, Thank you so much for your extremely sweet comments. I was just bragging on you today to the local pastor Shorty telling him how awesome it is to be married to godly woman who loves me unconditionally. I hope you know how much I love and respect you. Thanks for putting up with all my flaws, including the smells. Speaking of the smells, I am going to get back to guys at the Lemonade House. LOVE YOU!