Friday, February 22, 2013

The Insignificance of the very Significant?

In years past, the days leading up to Valentine's Day were a countdown to one of the most precious moments of my life. All I could think about was how V-day was the anniversary of packing up our belongings and passports, saying goodbye to our baby girl, and traveling to another continent to meet our first son.

In years past, we've celebrated February 17th with a vengeance. We've gone out for Ethiopian food, gotten out the pictures and told Isaac the story he loves to hear about how he met me, puked on me, and I fell in love with him. He loves to hear about the nanny's that cared for him. He loves to hear about how he came to be a part of our family.

And then enter 2013.

The sixth anniversary of bringing Isaac home.

And guess what? Valentine's Day came and went. February 17th came and went. And me? I completely and utterly forgot the significance of this week. And at first when I realized my mistake, I felt like crap. Because that's what mother's do when they forget significant things in the lives of their family.

And then I laughed.

Because I completely understand why I forgot.

I forgot for the same reason I sometimes tell women who are pregnant with their third that I carried three babies so I know what they're going through......  I forgot in the same way I forget and will think, Isaac got his curly hair from my dad. Or wonder if he gets his aptitude for math from Todd? I forgot in the same way I forget when I tell people he acts just like I do; you know, a little bit blondeish.....

Because, more times than not, I forget that Isaac didn't come from within me. I forget that his genetic makeup is not a combination of Todd's and mine. I forget hat he was not only not a part of my body, but that we were actually separated by half a world until he was 9 months old.

Simply put, he fits so seamlessly into our lives and our family that sometimes the most significant event seems insignificant because because our family just is. Does that make sense?

But then I remembered. And we thoroughly enjoyed our trip down memory lane. And I love looking back at pictures and remembering how scared I was to get on that plane. How worried I was that my love for him would feel different than my love for my biological child. How worried I was that he wouldn't fit in? How wrong I was.

Because dude fits. 

And even though I may forget significant events, I will never forget his significance!

He changed our lives and made our family whole.
So Happy Forever Family Week to my Isaac!

You are one amazing, significant little man!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What the What, NC?

There's just nothing quite like a North Carolina Winter.

Friday, we did this:

And a mere 12 hours later, we did this:

Owen really wasn't sure how he felt about something cold and wet and white falling from the sky, but he followed the bigs lead and adjusted accordingly.

Love these people.

 Happy Weekending, everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Surprise, Surprise

Apparently when your almost thirty year old, pregnant sister sees you sitting across a room in Texas when you're normally in NC, it can scare and confuse more than excite her. Oops. Still, her reaction made us laugh and once she realized nothing was wrong, she was pretty excited. Or pretty good at faking said excitement.  ;)

And now her birthday surprise is over and we are once again separated by many a mile, but I enjoyed my few short days in Texas!! (Thank you, Dad!!)

Birthday Dinner!!

My beautiful niece who finally decided I'm not the most terrible person in the world and let me hold her.....if her mom was out of eyesight. :)

And my awesome nephew who is obsessed with all things superhero and who now has a slight obsession with Temple Run 2, which may or may not be completely and totally my fault.

Apparently even Batman needs a good nap every once in awhile.

And perhaps the biggest surprise of all? By my return, this guy had decided he was tired of peeing and pooping in his underwear. That's right, folks, (KNOCK ON WOOD), after 8 years and a few months, the Fischer family may finally be out of diapers.

Way to go, Owen!! 
We are so so proud of you!!

Oh and I don't want to scare anybody, but my alter ego did come out in TX.
It can't be helped. Sometimes I just have to transform and try to save the world from the decepticons. I'm sure you understand.

Thanks to the Livingston Fam for having me even though I totally invited myself.

Thanks to Grandma for coming and helping Todd with our three hooligans so I could go spend time with my sister's family. You rock and I hope you're feeling better and better each day.

And even though I pretty much detest this hallmark holiday, Happy Valentine's Day to all the loves of my life!

Especially to my crazy valentine of the past we don't need to say how many years......

Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Phone Pics

Aww yeah. Lazy Saturday electronics time!

I've titled this one: "My Creepy Youth Pastor Photobombed Me."

Artiliscious Time


We Love each other, really, we do. Especially when Mom makes us lay like this.....

Just for old time's sake.
She's so cute!!