Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beaches and Weddings

I have a to-do list today that's longer than my arm, so of course it is the perfect time to catch up on the blog.

Our summer has been action packed with trips and friends and family time - just the way we like it.

Todd's cousin, Trevor, tied the knot last weekend on the Outer Banks. It was gorgeous and fun and Todd officiated, which means he walked around a lot and said that he was "marrying his cousin" which was pretty humorous.

And of course, we had a great time with our cousins on the beach:

Todd and Kenlee? 
Nough said.

After beach time, it was wedding time:

Lachlen. Nough said.

Todd's Nana and her sister were precious. Absolutely precious. They never get to see each other and I could have sat and watched them for days. Precious, I tell ya.

Isaac and Will acting out Todd's role. Hilarious.

Love this pic!

They happy couple with the Fischer's.

What a great day and a blessing to be involved!

Congratulations Trevor and Connie!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

300 grams of yummy fatness.....

Owen stepped up on the scale and the nurses and I crossed our fingers and held our breath.

31 pounds is the goal - the magic number we've been waiting for over a year.



Three hundred grams of neocate yumminess sent us out of the 29/30 pound slump we've made our dwelling place.

There was dancing and hooting and hollering and even an impromptu muscle show.

The gain was small. 
But we're hoping it was a big step in the right direction.

We're starting a new medicine to help with motility after I get back from Texas so the adventure continues. But my lil' muscular trooper  is taking it all in stride.

Way to go, Owen!

And what better way to celebrate than lunch with Dad?

PS - I also had a doctor appointment that day. I too have put on some weight...... The nurses and doctors didn't do a happy dance though. What the What? I was disappointed. Apparently you're only allowed to celebrate on the little ones......... Owen stole my weight gaining thunder.

Apparently it's time to stop stress eating.......

Celery, anyone?