Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Where Did Snarky Go?

Well I wrote a post the other day about pretend birthday parties.

And then somehow I deleted it.

I'm awesomesauce like that.

I have no idea where it went? Apparently it's in the  infamous cloud floating aimlessly along with the majority of my brain cells.

Sorry, Sister. 
(She was upset that my funny post disappeared. I try not to upset the sister because she knows WAY too much about me. If she ever went public, the results could be catastrophic.)

I don't want to rewrite the post because I don't remember it all that well, but imagine something snarky and sarcastic regarding another blogger who threw a pretend birthday party for her kids and their friends. For realz. She even had cake and crafts and favors.

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That! 

I did post this awesome picture of myself and my dog who needs his anal glands expressed right now. 

(These are our "we're not wearing makeup and we sure as heck don't understand statistics or fake birthday party" faces.)

Well technically, this may be Cooper's "For the Love of all things holy, would somebody please express my anal glands so I'll stop dragging my butt along the floor" face!)

So I'm getting ready to go do the whole glandular/bath routine with Cooper and at breakfast I was lamenting that I forgot to bring home latex gloves from work to perform this task today and Isaac said, "Just please please please don't use my football gloves." And then I spit my coffee all over myself because that kid is funny. And I kind of like the idea of squeezing glands with football gloves. ;) 

And I should have titled this post, "How many times can you say 'Anal Glands' before your 3 readers quit reading?"

Anybody still reading?



Anywho - In other news - I was supposed to go on an awesome date with my husband Saturday night. But then this happened: 

This is called a bad reaction to a certain food or an EE flare up or BOTH. Giving it time and we'll see what they say next week at our UNC visit. But it was no fun for my little man. He's much more verbal now and instead of just screaming, he now tells us that it feels like he can't breathe and there are things stuck in his throat. Breaks. My. Freaking. Heart. 

He seems to be feeling better now so hopefully he ate something bad and it's through his system and gone forever!

While I was home snuggling him wherever he saw fit, including but not limited to the stairs, the porch, his bed, my bed, the dogs bed, etc:

Isaac straight up hijacked my date.

I have decided to forgive him since he's so darn cute.

And in other news because I don't think I ever blogged about this, Emma Grace was baptized about a month ago in the river near our home. It was an awesome day of family and friends and celebrating big steps in faith.

Here she is afterward with her favorite teacher, Mr. Balsis, who has ruined all other teachers for her.

It takes a village and we're so grateful for all the people in our lives who encourage our children to step out on faith and trust God with their future!

And in case you think my obsession with puppies has withered up and died, 

I sent this to Todd this morning because this would totally be my dream trip to the grocery store:

He has not responded to said text yet. It's probably hard to text your crazy wife back while you're looking up divorce lawyers? 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! 

(And no, Mom, I'm not actually getting another dog. I just like to torture Todd.)