Thursday, May 30, 2013

All things Considered

Fab Fischer Five Update:

The creative juices aren't flowing so I'm just jumping in without an intro.
Forgive me.

The littlest has finished his year of pre-school. We will miss Bridges and Beyond; it was a great place for him to be, but I'm excited to see where the road leads next and which special teachers are going to come into our lives to help us get into the groove of public schooling with a label.

And I had this big, long, hairy post about how we (or mainly I) was handling everything that came hurtling at us last month, but when I read through it again, it just makes me sad. Because I wrote it in the midst of everything and it is grief. Plain and simple gut wrenching grief about what my boy was going through and will continue to go through. And maybe one day I'll post it, but we're moving past grief, so I'm not so much feeling it right now. Which is a good thing. And a God thing.

 Llllloooooonnnnngggggg story short: It was a crappy month, and I felt depression lingering but God is good and we are moving forward. I will say this to all the well meaning people out there (including my old, naive self) hearing that your child is autistic, no matter their level of "functioning," just plain hurts. If you know a Mama going through that, just hug her, and send her funny texts, and distract her and pray for her and with her, and make her watch Pitch Perfect so she can laugh. Don't try to point out all the great things about her child. Believe me, nobody knows how awesome that sweet child is more than she does. She just needs time to accept the hurdles of the path facing him. And she will get there, but it won't be in one day and it won't be in a nice pretty package, and it won't be without shedding a tear or two.  Please trust me when I say I am not criticizing. I've said the wrong thing so many times that I should probably just have my foot surgically removed and placed permanently in my mouth. I'm just trying to help by saying that when you don't know what to say, a hug and an "I'm here for you" goes a long way.

Here's Owen and the bigs with their great grandmother who is as precious as the day is long.

She doesn't really remember who we are, but she was damn excited to see us. And she also really wanted to know when she could eat again and I totally get that.

We had a great holiday weekend visit with Todd's parents.  The bigs are winding down their school year. Emma Grace is flying through books like it's nobody's business and Isaac is all things basketball these days. We're finally getting the hang of this whole feeding tube thing and I haven't had to change the sheets due to a feeding leak in a week now. Woot woot. And so, all things considered, we're chugging right along.

Oh and just in case you need a baby fix...........

I get to hold this sweet girl next week!

I'm coming, Ellie Kate! 

Try not to grow anymore before I can get there and kiss those scrumptious lips and smell your tufts of baby hair.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guess What?

Hey guess what?!
(Anybody that knows Isaac knows every story starts with "guess what?")

Our lil Habesha turned 7 on Sunday.


How did that happen?

And guess what? Our week was full of sporty birthday celebrating adventures that started with a Mudcats game and continued on through a party with a few of our closest friends and family at Adventure Landing.

Guess What? Adventure Landing was a little bit way too much sensory overload for the youngest so he did this:

And guess what? The diva enjoyed time with her cousin as always. They rocked the Fruit Ninja Machine like it was nobody's business.

And after an epic photobomb, we came home to pizza, cake, and presents.

And of course the weekend would not be complete without some last minute "Fischer plan changes" that allowed the diva to go camping for the night with her cousins. But guess what? Despite the rain, she had a blast!

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

And guess what, Isaac?

You are one amazing son!! And I'm so glad you're mine! And I can't wait to continue watching you grow and change and become the person God created you to be. You rock my socks and make me laugh and I can't imagine life without you!

Happy 7th, Sweet Boy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Life

Baby Sister - 

You wait at the hospital now with your beautiful belly and your anxious smile.

We text back in forth because it's the only way I can be with you from a thousand miles away.

I would give anything to be by your side as you welcome your third little one into your life.

I can't wait to see the plans God has for your tiny one. Will she be laid back and all long limbs like Luke? Or will she be a spit-fire who gets into everything like precious Lainey? Or will she be neither? Will she be her own version of the perfect creation that God knit in your womb?

And you? I know sometimes you doubt it now, but you will be an amazing mom yet again. You will love her with the fierceness that you love your other two. You will be sleep deprived and tired and happy and anxious and wonder how you will juggle it all? Three kids four and under?! What were you thinking?! You'll ask yourself that, but juggle it, you will. And you will do it with love and grace and your amazing sense of humor.

And surprisingly enough, the years will fly though the days will be long.

And soon enough you won't remember what it was like before you were a family of five.

And from North Carolina, I will always be rooting you on like I am today.

I love you, sweet sister!

You are the best friend a girl could ever ask for. 

I can't wait to watch your two little girls grow up to form the bonds of sisterhood on their own.

They are so blessed.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the wonderful moms in my life.

Thank you for your love, caring, prayers, laughter, and support over the years and especially over the past month. You show me again and again what it is to be a mom through the fun times and the tough ones.

Thank you to the mom who made me a mom with a sacrifice like no other.
I think of you often. I wish you blessings and happiness. I love our son more than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you to the three hooligans who drain my energy and fill my heart.

Even on our hardest days, being your mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Break on through to the Other Side......

Well, that was one hell of a month that has the gift that keeps on giving, but HOPEFULLY, we are on the easier side of the mountain now. Hopefully. Knock on wood, right?

Owen's surgery was last Thursday morning.

He was amazing and heartbreaking and beautiful and sad and scared and brave and all of the above.

I was nervous and anxious and nervous and anxious and nervous and anxious and I think you get the point.

He's extremely sensitive about his "button" and does not like showing it to people which breaks my heart because it is nothing to be ashamed of, but I'm going to respect that and not post pictures of what his abdomen went through on here right now. One day when he's more comfortable, I may share, but in the meantime we'll keep that for his eyes only even though I know it helped me to see pics beforehand of other children. My apologies to anybody who found this blog because they are wanting information on g-tube feeding, I will say this. You can do it. If I can figure out how to work a gastronomy tube, anybody can. Believe me. The recovery for your child will be painful but it goes by fast. And I hope hope hope this will be a blessing for our family! (And you can always message me privately with any questions. I'm learning people in our situations have to be a team - otherwise this can be a very lonely place to be. So I'll help you if I can, and hopefully you can help me too.)

There was lots of pain and sleeping on day one.

But by day two his color was looking better already!

And we were up, moving around some, and smiling!

We even took a trip to the amazing play room at UNC Hospital:

He enjoyed being reunited with all his family, but his face literally lit up when Popeye walked in the room!

And now we're home. And we're adjusting to all things tube feeding. And we're getting back into our routine.

And our little superhero is feeling better.
Much much better!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Isaac's Basket Ball Camp

This is not Rachel... This is Todd, her husband.

I just wanted to post some pics of Isaac at his first Basketball Camp. He loves sports and basketball seems just right for him. This is an i9 sports camp in Wake Forest NC at the Factory. He realized before hand that he couldn't heave the ball to the 10' basket yet so he decided to focus on defense.

Isaac boxing out in his yellow shorts. The ref didn't see the elbow :)

Isaac listening to his coach Brian Demarco Williams. (Yes, his coach is a beast!)

Here's a video of his first "scrimmage." He got a tie ball and almost came out with it before the whistle.

Here's a photo of his "homework" too.

Thanks for letting me highjack Rachel's blog for a moment to brag on my boy. We love you Isaac.