Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Life

Baby Sister - 

You wait at the hospital now with your beautiful belly and your anxious smile.

We text back in forth because it's the only way I can be with you from a thousand miles away.

I would give anything to be by your side as you welcome your third little one into your life.

I can't wait to see the plans God has for your tiny one. Will she be laid back and all long limbs like Luke? Or will she be a spit-fire who gets into everything like precious Lainey? Or will she be neither? Will she be her own version of the perfect creation that God knit in your womb?

And you? I know sometimes you doubt it now, but you will be an amazing mom yet again. You will love her with the fierceness that you love your other two. You will be sleep deprived and tired and happy and anxious and wonder how you will juggle it all? Three kids four and under?! What were you thinking?! You'll ask yourself that, but juggle it, you will. And you will do it with love and grace and your amazing sense of humor.

And surprisingly enough, the years will fly though the days will be long.

And soon enough you won't remember what it was like before you were a family of five.

And from North Carolina, I will always be rooting you on like I am today.

I love you, sweet sister!

You are the best friend a girl could ever ask for. 

I can't wait to watch your two little girls grow up to form the bonds of sisterhood on their own.

They are so blessed.


  1. Sending prayers for a wonderful day for Sarah Ellen, Stephen, and this newest bundle of joy. What a loving example you and Sarah Ellen will be for the bonds of sisters! Very well said and I know your heart is about to soar when those first pics are sent those thousands of miles!!!!!

  2. Can't wait for you to meet little Ellie Kate in person! She is a sweetie and blessed to have a loving aunt!