Thursday, May 9, 2013

Break on through to the Other Side......

Well, that was one hell of a month that has the gift that keeps on giving, but HOPEFULLY, we are on the easier side of the mountain now. Hopefully. Knock on wood, right?

Owen's surgery was last Thursday morning.

He was amazing and heartbreaking and beautiful and sad and scared and brave and all of the above.

I was nervous and anxious and nervous and anxious and nervous and anxious and I think you get the point.

He's extremely sensitive about his "button" and does not like showing it to people which breaks my heart because it is nothing to be ashamed of, but I'm going to respect that and not post pictures of what his abdomen went through on here right now. One day when he's more comfortable, I may share, but in the meantime we'll keep that for his eyes only even though I know it helped me to see pics beforehand of other children. My apologies to anybody who found this blog because they are wanting information on g-tube feeding, I will say this. You can do it. If I can figure out how to work a gastronomy tube, anybody can. Believe me. The recovery for your child will be painful but it goes by fast. And I hope hope hope this will be a blessing for our family! (And you can always message me privately with any questions. I'm learning people in our situations have to be a team - otherwise this can be a very lonely place to be. So I'll help you if I can, and hopefully you can help me too.)

There was lots of pain and sleeping on day one.

But by day two his color was looking better already!

And we were up, moving around some, and smiling!

We even took a trip to the amazing play room at UNC Hospital:

He enjoyed being reunited with all his family, but his face literally lit up when Popeye walked in the room!

And now we're home. And we're adjusting to all things tube feeding. And we're getting back into our routine.

And our little superhero is feeling better.
Much much better!


  1. My heart melted from that first day of pain and sleep to seeing him sitting up and smiling/talking on day 2. Each day did get easier for him, maybe for all of us, in dealing with it all. His courage shines through! Praying all continues on the road to the positive benefits and that our sweet Owen will be stronger and "heftier" every day! He is my hero....Super Owen!

  2. Great job to all! You're doing it!