Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We got back from our Christmas Adventures yesterday afternoon.
And as Todd and the kids unloaded the car, I started taking down the decorations because once I decide they should come down, every minute thereafter they only taunt me with their whole "your favorite time of the year is over but you're still stuck looking at the remnants and realizing how quickly time passes and that you're only getting older and you only have a few more years before your kids realize the truth behind all the Santa hoopla....." Or something like that.

So the house is barren until next December when we once again celebrate the miracle of Christ's birth.

But until then, 2011 was a good Christmas full of family and fun and really bad photography. Seriously. I have so few pictures to document this Christmas that I'm ashamed of myself. I would like to say it was because I was too busy living in the moment, but really, I just kept thinking I should go get the camera, but I'm too lazy right now.

I'll do better next Christmas. Promise.

Here's what I do have to offer in way of pictures:

The excitement of Christmas Eve and new pajamas (courtesy of Grandma. Thanks!!)

The infamous tradition of a Christmas Eve bedtime story (courtesy of Chips. Thanks!!)

Isaac playing with his new bay blades. (Courtesy of Santa)

Emma Grace and Cecile. (Again, courtesy of Santa.)

Me, in Todd's old ugly flannel shirt, and my babies on Christmas morning.

A diva and her daddy.

My beautiful baby sister with my beautiful and very tired baby.

Five of the seven Roberts grandkids in their new fun slippers. (Courtesy of Nana. Thanks!!)

So there you have it. 
Pictures of Christmas 2011 minus more than a few key players and moments. 

More to come on wrapping up 2011; right now new toys and games and three excited kids beckon me from the playroom.

I hope you and yours had as wonderful a Christmas as the Fischer Five were blessed to have.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Discipline Gone Awry

Gotta love a post about discipline, right?

Sometimes in our house we're really good about discipline. Sometimes occasionally we have those moments that would make the Super Nanny proud. You know, the moments where you stay calm, get down to eye level and gently and lovingly explain consequences while your child listens intently and shows exactly the right amount of sorrow and regret over their misbehavior. They then follow up with a heartfelt apology you didn't have to ask for and you have a beautiful hugging moment.....and the next time the camera comes around "two weeks later" even though you and your children are all wearing the exact same outfits, all your problems have magically been solved by a naughty mat......

Other times? 
Well, other times in our house discipline goes about like what happened last night:

The children had destroyed the play room and wanted to watch a Christmas video. After dinner, I told them to go clean the play room before they were allowed to watch the video. About two minutes into the supposed "cleaning" I hear Owen upstairs running back and forth on the landing and laughing hysterically.

Me: (yelling upstairs) Owen, are you cleaning?
Owen: (yelling back down) No.
Me: What did you just say?!
Owen: No. I not cleaning.

(Long Pause while I try to decide if I want to take the effort to go upstairs and effectively discipline)

Owen: Mommy? I say I not helping clean!
Me: (Obviously deciding I don't want to)  Great sentence Owen, but do you need a spanking?
Owen: No!
Me: Then you need to go help clean.
Owen: Okay, Mommy.

I hear him go into the playroom.
I hear some loud noises.
Emma Grace: OUCH!! Owen, why are you hitting me?!
Owen: Mommy said spanking.

And that, my friends, is how we discipline around here some nights. I know you're crazy jealous at how effective I am.

And no, because I know you're all wondering, I still did not go upstairs.

I know, I know - Mother of the Year Award?
Not sure if I'll ever earn it at this rate.

But maybe this tough little disciplinarian should?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sometimes Fake Breasts are the Best.

Like my catchy title?

I'm posting this for a dear friend who reads this blog, who told me she always needs humor, and who is by far one of the bravest people I know.

You know who you are.

And I know you will still be the same beautiful person after January 5th as you are now.

And I hope you know I love you and I'm praying for you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


If you're looking to waste some time and need a chuckle, google "awkward family photos." Hilarious.  And also scary because I'm pretty sure I had some of those outfits and could submit some similar pics.

I didn't have time to look through all the pages because I'm a busy mother of three.....and obviously I needed to get back to facebook and pinterest, but these two pics really made me laugh. A lot.

Who needs a five point harness if you have a bungee cord?
Baby in a Bungee

I'm a little bit sad I had my tubes tied because now Todd and I can't do this. And we would have looked good in this pose:
Pregnant and ???????


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Diva's Day

"It sometimes happens, even in the best of families, that a baby is born. This is not necessarily cause for alarm. The important thing is to keep your wits about you and borrow some money."
-Elinor Goulding Smith

 Seven years ago today this little diva made me a mom.

It has been the best and worst and most glorious and most frustrating role of my life. Someone, and I can't remember who because my brain cells have deteriorated with each child, once said that "being a mother is the hardest job you'll ever love."

True dat.

So happy birthday to my only daughter.
Without you, this house would have way TOO much testosterone flowing through it. And I'm pretty sure none of the boys would be as honest about how clothes look on me as you are.
I love you, sweet girl!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Referraliversary!


Has it been five years since I carried a picture around everywhere I went until his little body was safely in my arms?

Has it really been five years since my world was turned upside down by adoption?

Five years?!

Nope, Isaac.

I am thankful for YOU!

You are my sweet, silly, cuddly, burpalicious, happy, nintendo loving, hugging, active, goofy, not so little anymore boy.

You rock my world.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Deck Half the Halls....

We got most of the house decorated. 

And in true Rachel fashion, much to the chagrin of my mother, I've hit a standstill halfway through the project. The foyer is still littered with red bins waiting for inspiration to hit me again. I really do believe people can change, but apparently my lack of drive to finish a project I've started is still as strong within me as it was in high school. Sorry, Mom. I'll work on it.....eventually. By the time Christmas morning rolls around, the bins will be back in the attic where they belong. Although, maybe I should just leave them out until January when it's time to take everything down? Really that makes more sense. 


Welcome, December.
Please stay awhile. 
Don't fly by like you always do because then we're just left with January and cold and crowded gyms and broken resolutions. 

This week also brought coughing and fevers and a little something called pneumonia for this almost 7 year old.

And though she's most distraught about missing a week of school, her youngest brother has thoroughly enjoyed having her at home.

Here he is helping her work on sentences on the computer.

And here he is just looking cute. 
(At least that's my opinion.)

And here he is looking quite bored because I made his entertainment lay down for a bit.

December, you can stay with your lights and your music and your anticipation of family and good times to come.

Pneumonia, feel free to leave. Soon.
You have worn out your welcome.