Monday, December 19, 2011

Discipline Gone Awry

Gotta love a post about discipline, right?

Sometimes in our house we're really good about discipline. Sometimes occasionally we have those moments that would make the Super Nanny proud. You know, the moments where you stay calm, get down to eye level and gently and lovingly explain consequences while your child listens intently and shows exactly the right amount of sorrow and regret over their misbehavior. They then follow up with a heartfelt apology you didn't have to ask for and you have a beautiful hugging moment.....and the next time the camera comes around "two weeks later" even though you and your children are all wearing the exact same outfits, all your problems have magically been solved by a naughty mat......

Other times? 
Well, other times in our house discipline goes about like what happened last night:

The children had destroyed the play room and wanted to watch a Christmas video. After dinner, I told them to go clean the play room before they were allowed to watch the video. About two minutes into the supposed "cleaning" I hear Owen upstairs running back and forth on the landing and laughing hysterically.

Me: (yelling upstairs) Owen, are you cleaning?
Owen: (yelling back down) No.
Me: What did you just say?!
Owen: No. I not cleaning.

(Long Pause while I try to decide if I want to take the effort to go upstairs and effectively discipline)

Owen: Mommy? I say I not helping clean!
Me: (Obviously deciding I don't want to)  Great sentence Owen, but do you need a spanking?
Owen: No!
Me: Then you need to go help clean.
Owen: Okay, Mommy.

I hear him go into the playroom.
I hear some loud noises.
Emma Grace: OUCH!! Owen, why are you hitting me?!
Owen: Mommy said spanking.

And that, my friends, is how we discipline around here some nights. I know you're crazy jealous at how effective I am.

And no, because I know you're all wondering, I still did not go upstairs.

I know, I know - Mother of the Year Award?
Not sure if I'll ever earn it at this rate.

But maybe this tough little disciplinarian should?


  1. I know that picture is from our run on saturday. He slept for two more hours while you showered, dried your hair so it looked a lovely as it did before we started our run, made a wonderful dinner for just the two of you, relaxed so you could gear up for when EG got home with all her puking! Nice day! You should see my mothering moments I had yesterday, I should lock myself away!

  2. Ah, those mothering moments....nope I refuse to recall all my "wonderful" moments with your hubby and Kevin. Nope, I was a perfectly level-headed and fair disciplinarian at all times..... :D
    As for my other memories of their childhood, I have many to enjoy in my 34 years of being the perfect mother! Enjoy yours...some of the memories will always make you laugh or say awww. Others will fade as they should!

  3. Rachel - you are already Hottest Mom of the year. It just wouldn't be fair to get all the awards!