Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We got back from our Christmas Adventures yesterday afternoon.
And as Todd and the kids unloaded the car, I started taking down the decorations because once I decide they should come down, every minute thereafter they only taunt me with their whole "your favorite time of the year is over but you're still stuck looking at the remnants and realizing how quickly time passes and that you're only getting older and you only have a few more years before your kids realize the truth behind all the Santa hoopla....." Or something like that.

So the house is barren until next December when we once again celebrate the miracle of Christ's birth.

But until then, 2011 was a good Christmas full of family and fun and really bad photography. Seriously. I have so few pictures to document this Christmas that I'm ashamed of myself. I would like to say it was because I was too busy living in the moment, but really, I just kept thinking I should go get the camera, but I'm too lazy right now.

I'll do better next Christmas. Promise.

Here's what I do have to offer in way of pictures:

The excitement of Christmas Eve and new pajamas (courtesy of Grandma. Thanks!!)

The infamous tradition of a Christmas Eve bedtime story (courtesy of Chips. Thanks!!)

Isaac playing with his new bay blades. (Courtesy of Santa)

Emma Grace and Cecile. (Again, courtesy of Santa.)

Me, in Todd's old ugly flannel shirt, and my babies on Christmas morning.

A diva and her daddy.

My beautiful baby sister with my beautiful and very tired baby.

Five of the seven Roberts grandkids in their new fun slippers. (Courtesy of Nana. Thanks!!)

So there you have it. 
Pictures of Christmas 2011 minus more than a few key players and moments. 

More to come on wrapping up 2011; right now new toys and games and three excited kids beckon me from the playroom.

I hope you and yours had as wonderful a Christmas as the Fischer Five were blessed to have.


  1. The Sr. Fischers (a.k.a. Grandma and Chips) loved their time there. I'll post all my pics soon and you can "grab" a few.....always better to allow "lazy" to take hold when so much is going on. It was an awesome time at your home and we look forward to the Sr.Fischers, the Sr. Jr's, and The Jr. Jr's gathering sometime before St. Patrick's day!!!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas full of food, fun, food, laughter, food, and lots and lots of clutter! All mixed together with seven small children - what could be better? So glad your family shared it with us. Love you.