Wednesday, December 14, 2011


If you're looking to waste some time and need a chuckle, google "awkward family photos." Hilarious.  And also scary because I'm pretty sure I had some of those outfits and could submit some similar pics.

I didn't have time to look through all the pages because I'm a busy mother of three.....and obviously I needed to get back to facebook and pinterest, but these two pics really made me laugh. A lot.

Who needs a five point harness if you have a bungee cord?
Baby in a Bungee

I'm a little bit sad I had my tubes tied because now Todd and I can't do this. And we would have looked good in this pose:
Pregnant and ???????



  1. what, you don't get pictures taken like that? I have one for every pregnancy!

  2. Nothing says Merry Christmas, oops I mean awkward, like that last photo. Oh goodness!

    I'm thinking I should look through all those Fischer family poses about the year we all 4 had matching red flannel shirts. Great pic, but only family saw it...whew! No bungees involved either.

  3. Ha ha Michal. That sounds just like you and Connor. I would love to see those pics one day. :)

  4. Hahahaha!! What I wouldn't give for a therapeutic run with you and your sense of humor. Did I ever tell you about the guy at the gym who asked me if I wanted him to take prego pics of me? I checked his website his pics were not cheesy but pretty seductive. Some wearing less than that.

  5. Wow. That pregnancy one is just strange.