Monday, April 28, 2014

A boy and His......Possum?


Owen and his BFF, Lucy, have been playing outside all week in the nice weather. And his BFF Lucy thinks she's a cat. Or a fox. So far she has brought us two dead birds, a dead mouse, and her latest......a possum.

Imagine my shock when Owen walked in the house with what looked like a very wet, dead, bloody, rat in his hand that he took out of Lucy's mouth. He refused to let go of it, so we ran it back outside and my screams finally got through to him and he placed it on the table, where we soon figured out it was a possum playing.....well.....possum.

Then the possum stopped playing possum and I tried to keep it from falling off the table with a stick while Owen went to get me a bucket. He brought back multiple things including a frisbee, a shovel, and what I think he was hoping would be a leash......none of which would trap the possum. Bless his heart.

Fast forward ten minutes full of internal cussing in my head and voila?

We have a Possum in a bucket!

And I'm on the phone with Todd who is telling me I have to warm up towels and hold him close to my body and get him warm or he will die.


The same TODD who used to threaten to rip Lucy's face off......wants me to spend my afternoon saving the possum that nearly gave me a heart attack.

Well played, Todd.

He knows I have a weakness for animals. Any animals. All animals. I used to have a pet iguana for crying out loud.

So Owen and I did what he said. We warmed up Possum and left him nestled in towels in a box while we went about our afternoon.

And I went to shower later that day and couldn't find Owen when I got out.

I should have known.

They were good friends by this point.
(Face scratches are from an unrelated skateboarding incident.)

And at dusk, when we knew the possum was going to be okay, we walked him down to the woods and creek and Owen released him to the wild.

And then he amped up his requests for a hamster.
Any hamster. Please a hamster. Since we can't keep the possum, can he please have a hamster. He promises to clean the cage. He'll be good to the hamster. He won't drop the hamster.

I'm not a hamster fan, so instead we're begging Todd for one of these.

So far his answer is not right now, maybe in the future.

Which makes my animal loving son make this face.

And I'm worried Todd will divorce me if I "surprise" this family with another animal, so ummmmmmmmmm Grandma and/or Nana, can one of you be a dear and grab a guinea pig next time you come visit. Todd can't divorce you and Owen will love you FOREVER.

And he promises to clean the cage.....

I may need to get that promise in writing first though.

Call us when you're on your way. :)

Just Kidding Todd. Sort of. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where did everyone go?

These people have the ability to drive me batty. 

I mean really really bat shit crazy.

Absolutely insane in the membrane.

But when they're gone for a whole weekend?

And it's just me and the two dogs at home doing our thing -

Me? Studying.

The dogs? Pooping, peeing, and licking the bejeezus out of one another -

I miss them something fierce.

That being said, I would be lying if I said I'm not enjoying listening to MY music (not Frozen) and drinking my coffee in peace. And I even got to shower earlier with absolutely no interruptions. It was really bizarre not yelling the word "PRIVACY" while attempting to shave my legs and lather my muffin top. I actually yelled it at odd intervals anyway just in case. You just never know in this house. About a week ago, it was a neighbor boy who came in asking for a snack during my shower. I didn't even know he was over I panicked and screamed "No snacks and get out of my bathroom!" He may never come back.......

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go memorize where the vestibulocochlear nerve is located. I mean geez, who doesn't know that one already?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beachin' It!

Somebody from our church offered us the use of their condo for spring break. I know, I know. We are blessed with crazy generous people in our lives!! 

And we said heck yeah and joined The Close Family for a few days at the beach. I even played hooky from school on Wednesday to go......ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell my mom. ;)

The kids had a blast and thanks to Owen's Therapist and the picture schedule she helped him make, he did really really well too.  He did not like having his stoma wrapped, but dude, I was like a freaking ninja against bacteria getting in there. We had bandages on top of bandages followed by torso wrapping. And he got used to it eventually...... And if it keeps us out of the hospital, he'll thank me one day. I think.

And is there anything better in life than beach time with good friends?
Especially friends who pretend they are horses?


These shots were hilarious. Fischer kids may need to work on their ups a little bit. But check out Ella (next to EG)...... Dang girl. Jump! EG looked prepared......not sure what happened there.


Six Kids? 
Yes - perfect. Let us do a pyramid. You'll be pleased to know that this was completely my idea and one I had to talk the children into....... 
Bless my heart. 

Wow. Owen has such a nice long torso.......

Success? I'm thinking, no.

These people stick with us through the thick and thin of life. They beat the crap out of us at cards and make us laugh and love our kids and pray for us and challenge us and make us laugh again and they're just as dang beautiful on the inside as the out. 

We are blessed to call them friends.

And that was Spring Break.

Back to the real world now.