Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where did everyone go?

These people have the ability to drive me batty. 

I mean really really bat shit crazy.

Absolutely insane in the membrane.

But when they're gone for a whole weekend?

And it's just me and the two dogs at home doing our thing -

Me? Studying.

The dogs? Pooping, peeing, and licking the bejeezus out of one another -

I miss them something fierce.

That being said, I would be lying if I said I'm not enjoying listening to MY music (not Frozen) and drinking my coffee in peace. And I even got to shower earlier with absolutely no interruptions. It was really bizarre not yelling the word "PRIVACY" while attempting to shave my legs and lather my muffin top. I actually yelled it at odd intervals anyway just in case. You just never know in this house. About a week ago, it was a neighbor boy who came in asking for a snack during my shower. I didn't even know he was over I panicked and screamed "No snacks and get out of my bathroom!" He may never come back.......

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go memorize where the vestibulocochlear nerve is located. I mean geez, who doesn't know that one already?


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  1. OK.....cracking me up especially the "privacy" yelling.....I remember it well from my parenting days but I must say I'm using it a lot as a grandma too! Your kids are being sweet and it is filling all of us with joy that you are memorizing things about anatomy that none of the rest of us even know exist! In the meantime we'll keep spoiling....ahem.....I mean we'll keep nurturing 3 little people that are loving time with us too! Win-win for us! Now stop reading this and get back to studying!