Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stupid Blog

Apparently I need to sweet talk my friend Barron into fixing my blog for me.
He fixed his wife's and did a great job.

The shoe thief pictures will one day be revealed,
although now they are probably so built up in your minds
that they can only disappoint.

(Although I still think they're pretty stinkin' cute....)

Since I can't post any pictures, I'll leave you with this note that was left for me on the kitchen counter tonight (complete with a drawing of me cooking):

"I Love YoU Mommy AND Win is Dinr Gna Be ReDY!"

Shoe Thief

Let's try this again....

Can anybody see the pictures below of my little shoe thief?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I don't know what's going on with my blog and why the pictures aren't showing up.

Just thought you would want to know that I don't know.

Fascinating, I know.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Muffins For Moms

(A conversation from this past Tuesday)

: Mom, you know Muffins for Moms is tomorrow, right?

Me: Yup. I haven't forgotten.

Isaac: So you're coming to my school with me, right?

Me: Yes, Isaac. I wouldn't miss it.

Isaac: Are you just about to die?!

Me: Yes Isaac. I am so excited I am just about to die.

(Clearly we could not find the lotion this morning.....)

My partner in crime who screamed when I had to separate him from his Isaac and drag him off the stage.

And here it is....the infamous muffin that was apparently worth dying for.

Up Next on our preschool agenda........

Oh my.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who's The Boss?

"Kids are definitely the boss of you. Anyone who will barge into the room while you are on the commode is the boss of you. And when you explain to them that you're on the commode and that they should leave but they don't? That's a high-level boss."

-Bossypants author Tina Fey

Oh Tina,

So very very true.

And funny.

And sad.....

because I just realized I have 3 high-level bosses.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tangled with Cousins

Remember back in college when everyone got all dolled up on Thursday nights to go out?
(Mom, if you're reading this, I only know about that because I watched my friends do it while I was at home studying hard.....)

Well, sometimes you just have to be irresponsible, throw caution to the wind, leave the babies at home, put on your best St. Patrick's Day outfits, and go to dinner and a movie with your cousins.

Tangled was playing at the $1.50 and it was worth every penny and the late night out.
Cute movie that had both girls bawling by the end of it.
Emma Grace because she didn't want the main male character to die.
Kenlee because she didn't like it when he cut off Rapunzel's hair.

Here they are tangled in said hair.

And this morning?
I'm just chillin' with my jedi knight trying to recover from our wild night out.

You can never be too cautious in our neighborhood.
He's always on the lookout for any impending danger:
ready to defend his family with his light saber

....or use it as a microphone.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothin' But Cuteness

Remember this embarrassing story?
You know, the one where I didn't remember that my good friend was pregnant?

Well this morning I got to hold her sweet baby girl and I could just eat her up. The baby, not Christina....although I do love me some Christina time.

What's not to love about time with a friend who's about as real as they get?
A friend who doesn't care if you answer the door still sweaty from your run or if your toilets haven't been cleaned in....well, let's not reveal that length of time.

And we were both so excited when our recent move just happened to land us within about 2 miles of each other.

And now she's moving to DC in June.
Not cool, Christina.
Not cool.

And PS - you can leave Lyric here with me because dang that baby is cute.
(Especially in her frog pajamas that came from me....just sayin')

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A whole lot of Randomness...

Every Tuesday we have speech therapy.
And when I say Owen has come a long way in speech,
When we started he wouldn't even point to communicate.
And now he's almost completely caught up.
He's putting 2-3 words together and his vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds.

What does this mean?
Obviously, and most importantly, it means that he can now tattle.
The best part of his tattling is it always starts with the words "My Isaac."

For example (and while crying): "Mama, my Isaac, my Isaac hit."

And I gotta say I find it hilarious that even when he's upset with his brother he still calls him my Isaac.
(Also, I live here....and my Owen is by far the champion hitter in this house and his Isaac is usually just trying to defend himself).

My boys being goofy on Daddy's day off.

The kids and I snuck away a few weeks ago for 24 hours in the mountains.
Even though it was a very short trip, it was worth it.
Nana and Popeye got some time with the grandkids and I got to curl up with
my kindle.
It rained the whole time so there was a lot of reading going on.

And yes, because I'm sure you're all wondering, Nana did teach me how to tie a scarf like that.
She's cool like that.
And if you're super nice to me, I may reveal the complex secret.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Raise your hand if you love Saturdays.

I love Saturdays.

I love Saturdays where the sun is shining.

I love Saturdays that start with a good run
followed by a good cup of coffee.

I now love Saturdays that don't involve climbing on ladders and painting.

And I especially love Saturdays that start with a certain little boy feeling great.

Happy Saturday.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pink is Not my Signature Color.

I think I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the last time we will ever buy a house with all pink walls and high ceilings.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Better Late than Never

I'm totally late jumping on this bandwagon.
Way late.
This train left the station a long time ago.
And I heard all the conversations about it.
And I love to read.
But sometimes I'm scared to read something that everybody raves about.
Because what if it's not that good?
What if everyone has built it up in my head and the book doesn't live up to my expectations?
I'm weird like that.

But it is that good.

It's so good that I actually contemplated finishing it this morning during church service......while my husband was preaching on relationships......

I decided that wouldn't be well received, so I finished it a little bit ago.
And now I'll start it again because I read it so fast I'm worried I may have missed some things.
I'm weird like that too.

So if you're late jumping on this bandwagon too,
JUMP now!

Stop reading this silly blog, go get this book, and read it.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Blogger

Oh the places she'll go.

Emma Grace had a week full of fancy dresses, Dr. Seuss field trips, and Fancy Nancy attire. I can't believe this is the same little girl who I held for the first time just over six years ago. Before we know it I'll be walking her down the aisle. Emma Grace, you have this old man wrapped around your finger. I love you! - Daddy

Nana's handmade smocked dress that used to be Rachel's

My two favorite ladies at Seussical the Musical. I can see where EG gets those good looks :)

The cutest Cat in the Hat EVER!

Who is Emma Grace's favorite character?

If you can't tell by all the pink and fru-fru getup, its Fancy Nancy...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Day

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."

-Helen Keller

Praying my littlest can enter the "overcoming of it" stage real soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Night

Saturday night was a big night for the Fischer Family.
Todd and two other pastors at church received their official certificate of ministry ordination/permission to now perform wedding ceremonies, etc. Okay, to be honest, I clearly don't know what exactly they received. But I know it was a fun night of dinner followed by an emotional ceremony. I know we had to get even more dressed up than we do for church. I know I am proud of my husband for taking a giant leap of faith three years ago and becoming a youth pastor.

And yes, that is a disco ball in the background.
That's just how we roll at Lifepointe.

These guys are amazing.
(Congratulations Todd, AJ, and Eddie.)

And as if that wasn't already exciting enough, the stars aligned and we got a couple of decent family pictures.

Granted there are drums in the background, the boys shirts are untucked, and I look like I'm way taller (and older) than Todd (who looks significantly younger without facial hair), but still.......

Who knows when this will happen again?

And apparently the world didn't combust when all three children looked at the camera and smiled. Who knew?