Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Night

Saturday night was a big night for the Fischer Family.
Todd and two other pastors at church received their official certificate of ministry ordination/permission to now perform wedding ceremonies, etc. Okay, to be honest, I clearly don't know what exactly they received. But I know it was a fun night of dinner followed by an emotional ceremony. I know we had to get even more dressed up than we do for church. I know I am proud of my husband for taking a giant leap of faith three years ago and becoming a youth pastor.

And yes, that is a disco ball in the background.
That's just how we roll at Lifepointe.

These guys are amazing.
(Congratulations Todd, AJ, and Eddie.)

And as if that wasn't already exciting enough, the stars aligned and we got a couple of decent family pictures.

Granted there are drums in the background, the boys shirts are untucked, and I look like I'm way taller (and older) than Todd (who looks significantly younger without facial hair), but still.......

Who knows when this will happen again?

And apparently the world didn't combust when all three children looked at the camera and smiled. Who knew?


  1. It was an amazing night, with amazing family/friends, while we honored amazing men (and amazing wives), while we all praised our amazing God! Did I mention it was amazing?

    I was SO blessed to be there. I will carry with me the thrill of Kevin becoming an Elder in his church and Todd being ordained as a pastor. Life is......well, AMAZING!

  2. The last picture is the best! I'll need to post my pics from that night soon...