Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothin' But Cuteness

Remember this embarrassing story?
You know, the one where I didn't remember that my good friend was pregnant?

Well this morning I got to hold her sweet baby girl and I could just eat her up. The baby, not Christina....although I do love me some Christina time.

What's not to love about time with a friend who's about as real as they get?
A friend who doesn't care if you answer the door still sweaty from your run or if your toilets haven't been cleaned in....well, let's not reveal that length of time.

And we were both so excited when our recent move just happened to land us within about 2 miles of each other.

And now she's moving to DC in June.
Not cool, Christina.
Not cool.

And PS - you can leave Lyric here with me because dang that baby is cute.
(Especially in her frog pajamas that came from me....just sayin')

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