Friday, December 2, 2011

Deck Half the Halls....

We got most of the house decorated. 

And in true Rachel fashion, much to the chagrin of my mother, I've hit a standstill halfway through the project. The foyer is still littered with red bins waiting for inspiration to hit me again. I really do believe people can change, but apparently my lack of drive to finish a project I've started is still as strong within me as it was in high school. Sorry, Mom. I'll work on it.....eventually. By the time Christmas morning rolls around, the bins will be back in the attic where they belong. Although, maybe I should just leave them out until January when it's time to take everything down? Really that makes more sense. 


Welcome, December.
Please stay awhile. 
Don't fly by like you always do because then we're just left with January and cold and crowded gyms and broken resolutions. 

This week also brought coughing and fevers and a little something called pneumonia for this almost 7 year old.

And though she's most distraught about missing a week of school, her youngest brother has thoroughly enjoyed having her at home.

Here he is helping her work on sentences on the computer.

And here he is just looking cute. 
(At least that's my opinion.)

And here he is looking quite bored because I made his entertainment lay down for a bit.

December, you can stay with your lights and your music and your anticipation of family and good times to come.

Pneumonia, feel free to leave. Soon.
You have worn out your welcome.


  1. Ahhh, the pics of EG snuggled up with her daddy's fav blanket....did my heart good to see that! All the pics bring great smiles and ahhhhh's in fact! I agree on the keep it all in the foyer because before you know it they all come down. However, I use a spare bedroom which most don't MIGHT have folks notice the red bins!
    :d "Jingle Bells, Jinge Bells, Jingle all....."

  2. I'm decorating in stages too.

    And I HATE the crowded gyms in Jan. Thank goodness most people bail in Feb and there is room again for the regulars to work out.

  3. Don't you hate how December goes by too quickly. Sorry about the pneumonia. That's awful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!