Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guess What?

Hey guess what?!
(Anybody that knows Isaac knows every story starts with "guess what?")

Our lil Habesha turned 7 on Sunday.


How did that happen?

And guess what? Our week was full of sporty birthday celebrating adventures that started with a Mudcats game and continued on through a party with a few of our closest friends and family at Adventure Landing.

Guess What? Adventure Landing was a little bit way too much sensory overload for the youngest so he did this:

And guess what? The diva enjoyed time with her cousin as always. They rocked the Fruit Ninja Machine like it was nobody's business.

And after an epic photobomb, we came home to pizza, cake, and presents.

And of course the weekend would not be complete without some last minute "Fischer plan changes" that allowed the diva to go camping for the night with her cousins. But guess what? Despite the rain, she had a blast!

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

And guess what, Isaac?

You are one amazing son!! And I'm so glad you're mine! And I can't wait to continue watching you grow and change and become the person God created you to be. You rock my socks and make me laugh and I can't imagine life without you!

Happy 7th, Sweet Boy!


  1. A wonderful several days with many celebrations! I am so thrilled that we can find so many ways to fill time with family, faith, love, laughter! It was a thrill to see Isaac turn 7.....WHERE did that time go? Grandma Fish loves the way he just pops an "I love you" on me and melts my heart every time! LOVE me some Isaac Fischer!!!!!

  2. What a lot of fun you all had! So sorry we could not participate but our hearts were there. There couldn't be a sweeter soul than Isaac and I am so glad he is part of our family. What an incredible blessing it is to watch him grow and learn. Happy Birthday to one amazing seven year old.