Friday, February 10, 2012

Shout Out

This is a birthday shout out to my sista.

You know the one. I think I've mentioned her on here once or twice before....

Our family was eating lunch with friends the other day after church and Todd made a joke about how often SE (my sister) and I text/talk to each other. The friend said, "do you talk/text every day?"

Todd (laughing): Every day? You mean how many times a day?

Friend: You talk to your sister multiple times a day?!

Me: Ummmmmm yes. Why? Is that unhealthy or weird or something?

Friend: I guess not. I just must not like my sister as much as you like yours.

You must not, friend, because I freaking love mine.

But here's the thing, blog readers, before you judge me on how often I talk to my sister and the possibly unhealthy dependence we have on one another, there are just some important conversations that one has with their sister that they can't have with other people. Like the one we had yesterday for example.  And yes, I do realize she might kill me for putting this on my blog, and yes Todd was listening and rolling his eyes at us the whole time, but it's just too funny not to share and it may explain why we talk so much.... Because dude, this girl makes me laugh. And in case you didn't know this about me already, I really like to laugh.

SE: I went to the dollar store today to grab some things and did you know they sell pregnancy tests there?!

Me: Do you need pregnancy tests right now?

SE: No, but they were only a dollar and you know how I like to pee on sticks.

Me: This is true. But you know you have sticks in your backyard, right?

SE: True.
Me: You could put a whole pile of kindling in your bathroom and just pee on as many free sticks as you want.

SE: Yeah, and then I could draw lines on them with a sharpie and they would look like pregnancy tests.

Me: Good idea, SE. Good idea.

So Happy Last Year in Your Twenties, Sarah Ellen!

Sorry I just told the whole world few people that read this blog about your age and your bathroom habits. Ha ha. Hey at least two of those sticks brought you news of the cuties above.

We miss you.

And as usual, I'll talk to you soon......

(if you'll still talk to me after this.)


  1. I talk to my little sisters maybe once a month at most....

    1. That sounds more normal, Jessica. I think we have issues...... ha ha.

  2. too bad I haven't met her, sounds like a fun gal, but she probably doesn't want to meet me know that i have read all about her. Sorry about the run. I really need to catch up with you. I am sorry you have had a rough couple of weeks. I really need to check in on you during the week instead of just on Saturday's, your really bad at asking for help!

  3. Just so you know, the dollar store pregnancy tests work. And they're like 1/15th of the cost.