Saturday, April 7, 2012

Da Beach

Dare I say it and jinx it?

Oh, what the heck.

It finally happened - that magical age that all parents dream about has arrived. The age where you go to the beach, sit your booty full of cellulite in a chair, and just watch the kids play for hours and hours on end. The age where you don't have to head back to the house for someone to nap or eat baby food or drink breast milk or etc, etc, etc. Don't get me wrong, those were good times too. Sort of. But I can't say that I missed those times this past week.

Because this was way better. At least it was for me, the lazy mother who likes to sit in a chair and read about Ernest Hemingway's wife. This was Heaven. If ignoring your kids at home while you cook dinner and check facebook is fun, then ignoring them at the beach is a blast. Just kidding. Sort of. I mean, you can't totally ignore them because of those blasted crashing waves and my irrational fear of sharks, but still, you get my point, right? The point that I am still not up for winning the Mother of the Year Award?......

I did take lots of pictures. That counts for something, right? Please tell me I'm right.

We were blessed with four days at the beach with close friends. We crammed all ten of us in one small condo and had a blast.

Even this one.

He did great. Probably because for the past month at OT, we've been all about sand, sand, and more sand. And it worked. He didn't freak at all. I think he knew it would be a losing battle because you can't go to the beach and avoid touching sand.

Awesomesauce. Seriously. He did awesome. All week.

And these two? There are not enough words to describe how fun and sweet they are.

And these two? There are not enough words to describe how crazy they are, especially when they're together.....

And these two?
They needed some vacation time.

And these six?
They're just way too much cuteness.

So to sum up, Spring Break was awesome.

But it's back to the real world now.

Until Summer......

Oh wait. Here's proof that I did interact occasionally with the children:

Whew, I feel better.


  1. Seriously! That's all I want. Sit in a chair and relax while my kids play. Heavenly!

  2. What great photos! Definitely a sign of good parenting! So glad to see all those smiles and to know you had a well deserved break. We'll all suffer tomorrow! Luv U.

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos!!!! It is great when the kids are old enough that you're not jumping up every six seconds because one of them is drowning or eating sand or getting lost. Looks lovely.

  4. Wonderful pics, great smiles, awesome laughter jumping right off the screen to my grandma ears! So sweet to see all 6 in a line of holding hands. Maybe THIS is the time for those pics of my 6 grandkids.....although you still have to factor in Lachlen's short window of opportunity! :D Thrilled you had some down time, some R&R time, some time as a couple, some time with dear friends. Let's repeat a lot of that this summer!

  5. i love your pictures, teach me! We do have hours on end together!

  6. Wait! Hold on! Life like that really and truly exists? I look forward to it. Thanks for the preview. No one deserves it more than you.