Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh Bobbie. Poor Plastic Hermaphroditic Bobbie.

(I've decided I shall call him Bob or Bobbie, depending on the parts being used at the time.)

Last night in class, Bobbie was being moved from a shelf to the bed for her full bed bath.

And mid-move,  her vagina done fell right out onto the floor.

It was very sad.

There are just things that happen in nursing school that you never thought possible.

So of course, wanting to know exactly how I should handle that situation in real life, I asked the professor what to do? 

(I figure in real life, laughter was not the appropriate response for the loss of one's vagina.)

"Get a camera, go tell your charge nurse, and video her facial expression when she gets to the room."

And that's just how we roll sometimes.

PS - Bobbie continued to have issues keeping her parts in the right places so we finally just removed them and she went without private parts for the rest of the night. She seemed okay with it.  She was probably just excited she wouldn't have to deal with her periods anymore and things like that.

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  1. I am behind in my blog reading. This is hilarious. Wish I could have been there to experience this with you because I am sure you had lots to say...