Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday Boy

Six years ago you came hurtling into our lives with your white white blonde fuzz, your amazing blue eyes, and your amazing ability to scream at the top of your lungs when you sensed the presence of food on the horizon.

Today you still amaze us with your white blonde hair, your amazing blue eyes, and your amazing ability to scream when you sense the presence of food on the horizon. Some things never change.

But boy have you changed us.
You've changed me into a person who better understands the unfairness of this world.

You've changed me from a person who used to think different meant "less" to a person who knows the truth now.

Different means more; so much more:
More patience, more sorrow, more joy, more heartache, more empathy, more tears, more humility, more responsibility, more celebrating the small things, more laughter, more, more, more and then some more.

And even though every day I wish I could take away your intestinal pain, your emotional frustrations,  your social anxieties, and the feeding tube that we have a love/hate relationship with, I know that without those things, you would not be you and I definitely would not be the me that I've become because of the you that God created.

And you and me?
We've got our issues, but dang if we're not a pretty good team together.

So Happy Sixth Birthday My Sweet Boy!

I'm so sorry you have to spend it at the hospital this year, but maybe our birthday gift will be a massive weight gain! Wouldn't that be something?!

In true Owen Fashion,
I hope your sixth year is full of love, animals, and giggles.

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  1.! He made my heart sing the other day running in the house shouting "is Grandma here...where is she?" I know the joys and struggles make it all so confusing sometimes (for him, for us) but every single day as I pray for my 6 grandkids, I know God has a plan.....Jeremiah 29:11. Happy 6th birthday to our precious Owen!