Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sister, Sister.

We're waiting for the locusts.
After biopsies, losing a g-tube, a new diagnosis that is yuck, a night in the ER, and now possible infection, I'm just waiting for the next step of the plague.

And when you're waiting for locusts,
there's one person who can make you laugh like no other and you wish that person was sitting in the same room with you making inappropriate jokes and loving you unconditionally no matter what you say or do. And you say a lot of crap that you would never admit to anyone else. And she never judges. Or if she does, she does it in a quiet and loving way....... ;) She wakes up and texts you in the middle of the night and sends funny memes and just somehow always knows what you need to hear. 


I miss you so much right now. sister! 

That is all.


  1. Sending you wishes for strength and courage as you face this new hurdle with your little guy.

  2. Very, very thankful that the two of you have each other. What a blessing indeed. Remember that all the Fischer Five are being lifted up in prayer by many souls. You are all strong and your faith is stronger.