Monday, May 25, 2015

Oops, I did it Again....


I did it again......

Apparently, if you play with fire long enough, you're going to get burned.
Or if you go in puppy stores long enough, you're going to get a puppy.

The difference? This time I had permission from the hubs......

Owen and I are still in love with the little girl puppy I posted before. Problem is, little girl puppy cost $1000. I am not even lying. So I started looking at breeders of "cockapoos" or "cavapoos" as they are supposedly great therapy and family dogs. Cheapest I could find was $800. $800!!! Are you serious?! So then I started looking at shelter animals and most of the poodle mixes were way older and "not good with kids or other dogs." Hhhhhmmmmmmmm. That's not gonna fly around here. I was looking in NC and the states between here and NC to pick him or her up on the way home.

Then this picture of a cockapoo (I know, such a manly breed) popped up on my screen:

I sent it to Todd and said, "It's Chewbacca! We have to rescue Chewbacca!" 

We both thought he was hilarious so I called first thing the next morning. No go. Chewie already had people coming to see him up that day. :(

I decided to call back a few days later just to make sure.
Still a no go. That family was picking him up on Sunday. She was taking him off the internet.

Well, I called again Monday morning just to make sure.
The Shelter lady said they never showed up but she wasn't going to let us come see him because she didn't want him to move all the way to NC. It is a family run shelter and she likes to keep the dogs close in case it's not a good fit. She wants them back instead of being abandoned to another shelter. I said I understood.

We hung up.

I thought about it for five minutes.

I called her back and told her I couldn't stop thinking about this dog. And that we are a great family. And could she just let me come see them and then she could decide?

Her exact words:
"Damn. You are persistent."

Yes, yes I am.

So Owen and I drove all the way there after we left the hospital and spent two minutes with the dog and the shelter lady wouldn't let us pet him. It was bizarre. She is bizarre and abrasive but obviously cares a lot about the animals. I called my sister and said, "that's obviously a no go. She was a wee bit crazy and wouldn't let us pet the dog and I couldn't even tell what he was like?! She made Owen stand with his hands on his shoulders the whole time and then told me that all us suburban people think adopting dogs is like the movies." My sister said, "well go back. You don't have to live with her, just the dog."

The sister can be wise sometimes.

So I called Crazy Shelter Lady back the next morning. I think she agreed to let us come back because I was pretty much stalking her at this point. ;) 

The bigs and I went back Friday.
We spent an hour with the dog.
We left with him for a trial run over the weekend.

We all fell hard.

We named him Cooper.
Cooper Chewbacca Fischer

We hope to have him trained to be an emotional therapy dog for Owen.
Don't think it's going to take much training.......

Little Lamb.

Welcome to the fam, Coop.
Hope you like crazy.


  1. I think Cooper Chewbaca Crazy Cockapoo is a perfect name! And it is so easy! He's adorable and I can't wait to meet him. He looks so calm - good therapy for the entire fam! Welcome Cooper Chewie!

  2. Cooper is the perfect fit for our big happy crazy (yep, we readily admit it) family. Once I heard the entire background story of the lady that thought you were pretty damn persistent (ha! she met her match) and the wise counsel of SE to remember the dog will be in your family, not "sweet" owner.....then it all makes perfect sense that Cooper Chewbacca belongs with the Fischers and the Fischers belong with Cooper! I will be praying cray-cray Lucy girl sees it the same way because I KNOW they will be quick friends and partners in crime....I mean family love..... Welcome to the family Cooper!

  3. Our best friends have a cockapoo and he is the only dog on the planet I tolerate. Perfect choice!