Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Home, Sweet CHAOTIC Home

We are home.

The Fischer Five (7 if you include furry kids) are reunited.

Owen and I were able to get discharged one day early and surprise the family last Thursday night. It was a great surprise and one I did not get on video, but it was oh so fun seeing their faces. 

We are so so so so so glad to be home. Life is still a hot chaotic mess of figuring out all these structured feeds and how to keep progress going, but I would much rather figure those things out from the comfort of my own home.

Our last night at the hotel, swimming with our friend that we miss:

Last day of feeding camp!

After five weeks away, we all have to adjust to being together again including the hubs and myself. We snuck off for a date the other night and it was just the kind of boring (dinner and errands) that we needed. We could have sat and chatted in these chairs all night. We got some strange looks but I think we're just past the point of caring. That's what age, perspective, and sangria will do to you.

These two definitely have some adjusting to do. It has not been a love at first sight kind of relationship. After arriving home and letting Cooper off the lead, he promptly went to my suitcase and urinated all over it to proudly proclaim, "Oh yeah. She's mine, yo." Dogs are strange, but I was oddly flattered so I urinated all over his toys to return the favor. ;)

We've been home a week and this is the closest I've seen them get voluntarily without trying to rip one another's face off......

That's progress, people.

I'm sure in a few more weeks they'll have BFF necklaces and spend their days licking one another's crotches. But until then, we'll keep pulling them apart during battles and trying to make them love one another.

The bigs are adjusting to life with Owen back home. Meal times look quite different now so that's the hardest part. We want to have family meals, but we also need very little distraction, so you can picture how well that goes with three kids. If you can't picture it, just imagine a circus, any circus act, and you're pretty close. Tightrope walker? Yup. Just imagine the tight rope walker trying to keep their balance while monkeys and apes jump on the line. 

That's us.

But we're together again.

And I wouldn't have it any other way!

My Three Clowns goofing off at bedtime:


  1. my precious family all together again! Loving the pictures, especially the one of the dogs as close as I've seen them also. as for that final picture I vote that becomes this year's Christmas card for all of us let's all dress like clowns - all though lots of kids do find clowns scary so maybe not.

  2. Celebration definitely in order!! Wahoo! Congratulations on all your hard earned accomplishments - plus adding 15 new foods! Home is definitely where your heart is - so glad the rest of you is there also.