Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When Life hands you Teenagers......

We are still alive. And kicking. (Just not blogging) Obviously.

So an update?

Once upon a Time, there was a lady who loved to blog and had plenty of time to do it while she was stuck home all day with toddlers, but then those toddlers grew up........and life got really CRAZY.......so she sat down about once every six months to give her tiny little blog some CPR to keep it going just a little bit longer.

And those no longer toddlers are up and running headfirst through 2nd, fifth, and sixth grades. The oldest is gaining independence and wants to do things like go to the skating rink and football games without parental supervision. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I know she can handle it, but man it's weird to just drop your kid off somewhere after being involved in every single second of their lives for the past almost 12 years......

(middle school skate night.)

We just survived Helloween 2016. And it was amazing!! You guys?! Owen didn't cry once. NOT ONE TIME!!!!!!!!! He trick or treated, kept up with the group, didn't tire easily, and had a blast!!!  Big Win in the Fischer household last night!! (He did then come home and urinate in the bathtub instead of the toilet because he was most likely on major sensory overload, but that's neither here nor there......)

(Helloween 2016)

October was full of fun. I enjoyed a trip to San Antonio with my mom, dad, and the sister, Todd enjoyed a trip with his dad to ride some roller coasters because apparently you're never too old for those and we also had 20 year reunions for high school. Yes, 20 years. Gah!!!! Unfortunately, Todd wasn't able to go to his. Todd also made a major transition at work and I'm still fighting my way through nursing school. So there's that........

(San Antonio)

(Kings Dominion)

Owen is still fighting epic battles with his intestines that lead to monthly colon cleanses and new meds, etc. But he is a trooper. And his brother is an amazing support for him. Seriously. Isaac stayed inside all day Saturday and played with Owen while he was laid up on the couch just so he wouldn't have to be alone. Not that they don't have their moments (believe me, they do) but overall, this bond is pretty amazing.

(Yet another colon cleanse)

And then there was the 18 year old.
And it's not my story to tell, but God has entrusted us with him for the time being.  And when life hands you a teenager and you live in a town home with a husband who is also known as the rigger?

You make said teenager as comfortable as you can in the only space you have available:

And you pray for that teenager.
And you argue with that teenager.
And you get frustrated with that teenager.
And you laugh a lot with that teenager.
And you wonder what on Earth is God's plan with this situation?!

And you learn that you don't get to know that plan. 
You just have to trust.
And take it one day at a time.
And most days that is much easier said than done......

And that is life in the Fischer Household these days.

The End.

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  1. Life with a teen and life with your 3 younger munchkins who are growing too quickly. But I was just there and experienced all 4 of them AND a colon cleanse (Owen's not me) and survived.....but that's because those walls of the townhouse hold a LOT of love laughter and faith. Hope for the future, faith in one another, love unconditional! So keep giving the blog CPR because it hit me today i had read one in a while, opened this up tonight, and BAM you posted this a.m. I anticipate the next one won't be next Thursday but you'll be busy with the teen, the tween, the top dog of elementary school, and the O'Dawg....oh and nursing school, church, my son, 2 dogs and a partridge in a pear tree! LOVE YOU!!!