Friday, December 3, 2010

They've Figured Me Out

Evidently my kids know me better than I thought.


Isaac: Emma Grace, why is Mommy letting us watch a movie right now?
Emma Grace: Probably because she's tired of us bugging her while she tries to make the cake.

Apparently my "Hey, since Emma Grace got out of school early and it's so cold outside today, would you guys like to curl up on the couch and watch a movie together?" line didn't work because she heard what I was really thinking......which was........"you guys are cute and all but this job would go so much faster if you weren't in here spilling all the ingredients and asking me every 1.3 seconds to lick the beaters."

I guess now I'll have to wait and get my Mother of the Year Award another day.


  1. We had SO much fun with the 3 kids tonight! I think they were especially sweet because they had that wonderful quiet time with their movie this afternoon. ;o

  2. It was worth it. The cake turned out great! Hope the birthday celebration is wonderful! We will certainly miss being there. Love you, Mom