Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fig Newton Fiasco

Last year Owen turned 2 the day after we moved into our new home. And his "celebration" if we can even call it that left much to be desired. We had dinner at Moe's since my kitchen was in the midst of being painted and unpacked. His "cake" was made of fig newtons and icing. Wouldn't you love to see pictures of that? Me too. But I didn't even take my camera. As I said, lackluster......

So hopefully this year made up for that in some way. We still didn't have a huge party because Owen would not enjoy that, but we did have cake and presents and a camera. 

Here we are making icing on Saturday morning. The kids were super helpful. They bugged me constantly to lick the beaters and even spilled powdered sugar all over the counter and floor.

Owen LOVED his Spiderman cake......until it was time to eat it.

Todd gently persuaded him to try it and got him to eat it by trading off bites. I think it's safe to say that it wasn't his favorite thing in the world:

He may not have loved the cake, but he did LOVE this alarm clock.
That could be because it's the coolest alarm clock ever!

Thanks to our family and friends who came to help celebrate.

You guys rock and I think this year went a little better than the fig newton fiasco of 2011.


  1. happy birthday owen! I think you should be happy he doesn't like cake!

  2. Happy Birthday, Owen. Someday I need to tell you about Lily's first birthday. I did NOT win mother of the year for that.

  3. YOU are a master at turning what could have been styrofoam with icing, into the most FUN and AWESOME Spiderman cake ever! As for flavor it was delicious (NOT just saying that....seriously).....the icing (minus those yummy egg whites we didn't know gave your traditional icing the extra something) was yummy too...honest. But the real TREAT of the night was Owen's smile as he turned from singer to singer's face while the candles burned! Pure joy! It was a privilege to be there and share the raucous fun and celebration!