Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Quick Update

We had the best appointments to date yesterday morning.

Owen saw my challenge of 27 pounds and nailed it. He was an ounce shy of 28 pounds!! 28! This placed him solidly in the 10th% height per weight, which is amazing. That is the first time he's hit the double digits percentile wise since he was about 12 months old. So for those of you math wizards, yes, that would be almost two full years.

There is some freedom we've been longing for that comes with being in the tenth percentile:
1. No more chin support and structured meals unless he refuses to self feed.
2. The doctors are comfortable enough to tinker with one of his meds by bringing the dosage down a little bit and also trying a cheaper brand. (Right now it costs us $400 every 6 weeks. Yowza.)
3. Our next appointment at UNC Children's is in two months. Yes, that said two m.o.n.t.h.s!! Woo to the Hoo! (I remember when we were making that drive multiple times a week not too long ago so this is beyond thrilling.)
4. At our next appointment, if he is still doing as well as right now, we will meet with the whole team and he will most likely graduate out of the Feeding Program.
5. Yes, there will be a party. Don't know where yet, but I'll keep ya posted. :)

He is still on a very restricted diet and still needs special formula, but nine months ago we were told by UNC that they were at the end of the road with Owen. Short of a feeding tube, they had done everything they could do and he still wasn't progressing like he should.

Yesterday we were told that we will most likely be done with intensive feeding therapy in two months.

That is nothing short of God hearing our pleas and blessing us beyond measure.

So thank you, prayer warriors (you know who you are), for coming alongside us and fighting with us and speaking on our behalf and challenging us to trust in Him in ALL circumstances.

He is faithful.


  1. I was praying hard for you guys! Way to go Owen, Rachel and Todd!! i know you have worked hard to get to this point!

  2. I cried...more than once....after your phone call with the FANTASTIC news! I have been praying praises and thanks since! Called Jeff on his way to Beaufort too. We both rejoice in what faith, prayer, skilled teams (special summer shout out to NJ), family, friends, and more prayer have brought. Owen's greatest team is in his own home because the family....all 6 of you (Kaia needs praises too!) have been on this very personal and loving journey! Celebrate good times come on.....

  3. Hooray!!! Such wonderful news. I'm so glad for those numbers and for answered prayer. Way to go, Mama, for being Owen's biggest cheerleader. You get a little bit of the credit, too, you know.