Friday, March 30, 2012

Bath Time

What happens when you ask three kids to help you bathe the dog?

You already knew the answer to that one, right?

Spring is here in NC which means it is snowing pollen.

So if you leave the dog outside for any length of time, she turns from a chocolate lab into a yellow one. Still cute but in need of a serious washing.

And the best part of this picture? 
Look at Owen.
Wet, shoeless, cold and smiling!
That's good stuff right there.
 Courtesy of Occupational Therapy.

We're looking forward to our spring break and a week of maxin' and relaxin'. 


  1. I saw that smile (heard the laughter) before I noticed how wet the 3 kids actually were in the pic! LOVE it! What a great way to encourage Owen in participating in the silliest/most fun side of things that OT could help him achieve!! I also laughed about how it started as a bath for Kaia, but she ended up in the background drying off (I bet she's smiling too!!!).

  2. Labradors are the best OT out out there =) Coming from a biased Lab breeder. Sweet picture,

  3. I agree, Owen has come a long way and is doing well! Can't wait to see what progress is in his future.