Monday, July 9, 2012

All done

We're tired.

But everything went great.

Owen was super happy and relaxed before going back there so they didn't have to give him the pre-meds that always make him drunk. He's also getting a little bit older so they felt comfortable doing the procedure without a breathing tube.....which pretty much rocks. This means he came out of anesthesia much more pleasantly and doesn't have the sore throat to go along with the grogginess.

Everything looked great internally and now we just wait on biopsy results.

Here's my lil' man playing while he waited his turn in the OR.

Happy Monday!


  1. My heart was so grateful yesterday for every step that was better than the last and that he didn't need some of the things that cause him to be more unhappy and groggy. Praying now for a great report from the biopsies and that today is business as usual.....whatever THAT is in a household with 3 children plus a wonderful child from Russia that is also receiving the love and nurturing of your great family! Love to all. Praising God!

  2. I was glad that he didn't get the groggy meds but, judging by the picture you posted of me and the fact that I slept for like 20 hours yesterday, I wondered if they slipped them to me by accident. Thanks for taking care of our family day in and day out Rachel!!