Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello, Mr. Pfaff

Todd's been gone on youth trips for two weeks that at some moments feels like two years.

And we've been doing okay.

We kind of buckle down and do our thing when Todd's gone in the summers.

But still, reinforcements are always nice!

And Nana came and jumped right in making cookies and changing diapers and treating me to iced coffees and folding laundry and well, just plain being awesome.

Thank you, Nana!

And not only did she do all of the above, but she also got my sewing machine back in working order. Well, not that it was technically broken or anything, but she rigged it up for me and treated me to a trip to our favorite fabric store. We picked out some fun materials for dresses for the diva and she reminded me that even though life has been harder since Owen was born, I still need to do creative things for  myself.

And dang it, I think she was right.

(She seems to be right a lot of the time. I don't remember her being like that when I was a teenager. I really think she's matured a lot since then.......)

So tonight after taking care of a vomiting child all day and dealing with other issues and trying not to get too frustrated with my three year old who doesn't handle change well (change being his brother was sick and couldn't sleep in the same room with him.....) And after finally getting everyone settled around 9:30 and then having a small crying pity party for myself when I realized I still had 26 hours to go until Todd gets home, I decided I would take Nana's advice.

And it has been so long that I was scared to start a project with my pretty, new materials.

But I dusted off the old pfaff machine, and pulled out a cute ballerina pillowcase a friend gave me eons ago and found some ribbon that would do and in less than an hour?

I'm not crazy about the ribbon and there is nothing fancy about it, but it felt good to do something creative again.

So welcome back, Mr. Pfaff.

Thanks for cheering me up tonight.

24 hours, 2 minutes to go.

We so got this.


  1. i had no idea! That is awesome. We should get together for craft time too.

  2. Cute dress. Lainey mentioned wanting one by the way.

    1. Interesting. Did she say she wants one to match the toms she's always talking about? :)

  3. I have a sewing machine and have no idea how to work it. Therefore I sew stuff by hand and it takes forever. I think I need a tutorial. Also, I'm glad your mom is finally getting it together. It takes them so long to figure stuff out, but once they do...

  4. Boy, am I impressed!! I came home and haven't made one things - plus I didn't have a puking child! You are awesome. So glad that you can finally admit how right I am all the time. It's so fun to see you gaining wisdom :) Had a wonderful time with all of you - what fun. Look out Topsail Beach!

  5. good for you for taking some time to create something. i did a little sewing this weekend too and it felt great.