Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We're just surrounded by all these dang Humans!

Owen is very black and white.

He doesn't usually get sarcasm (which means living with us is pretty much hell for him) and (for example) he gets upset if you call him "buddy" because his name is "Owen." Not Buddy. Got it?!

And lately he's been commenting a lot on the differences between people and animals. And he loves the animals and is not such a huge fan of the people.

So maybe because he prefers to spend his days like this,

and yes, they're both asleep here,

he now has a funny way of expressing his view of the world......

Like when we went to Target and he informed me that he wanted to be carried because "there are lots of humans here."

Or when he forgot who's coming to visit us so he asked me "which humans are staying with us this weekend?"

And yes, I could try to teach him to say "people" instead, but it gives me a good laugh. 
Every. Single. Time. 

And everybody needs a good laugh, right?



  1. THIS human loves these little glimpses into his thoughts and a reminder about the human/animal relationships. I know Kaia was comforted by Owen and Owen was comforted by Kaia. Not all humans can so completely capable of providing the unconditional love and comfort an animal as superior as Kaia can do!!! THIS human sends love to all of you and to your animal family members too!