Monday, April 1, 2013

This Is What Happens When.......

 1. This is what Todd and I look like when we have to talk to about 80 teenagers about sex.
I'm not sure I looked up once.

2. This is what the kids look like after they've been playing in the creek when we've been quarantined to the house with pink eye. I had to do a LOT of googling, but I finally "found" created a site that said letting your child play in freezing cold, disgusting creek water helps him get over pink eye and fevers. It's doctor recommended.....

3. This is what happens when Erika and I need to do some grocery shopping and everybody has to pile in one car on the way home from Moes.

PS - Owen couldn't turn around so we told him to raise his hand. Still cracks me up.

4. This is what happens when Nana brings her camera to town and Lucy is actually behaving herself.

5. This is what happens on Easter Sunday before my camera dies.

6. This is what happens when Sean and Todd call each other to find out what to wear for Easter.
Just Kidding. It was coincidental. I think.

7. This is what happens after my camera dies on Easter Sunday and we try to get a group shot with my phone but I don't know how to work the timer and so the group shot sucks and Todd can't help us because he's still at church working in a shirt that looks just like Sean's.

8. And this is what happens when we compromise and just agree to take a bunch of individual shots with our poor, stupid mother who can't work her iphone camera and who also lets her good camera battery die on Easter Sunday. Technically though, if you think about it, it's kind of a religious analogy because the battery did take three hours to recharge and then the camera was fully resurrected..... but by then everyone was changed and I was napping. Priorities, ya know?

9. This is what happens when you insert an image of your own that includes me being zapped by lightning for comparing my camera battery to Jesus.

10. For reals though - Happy Belated Easter! I love me some Easter and even though I did not actually give out live bunnies to everyone in the kids classes, we did have fun celebrating the greatest gift of all time and I hope you did too!

The End.


  1. I could comment about the time I had to be the female giving the same talk and our Assoc.Pastor was the male we talked to all the church teens about sex AND I had to do this WITH my Pastor who by the way was NOT my husband....just sayin. But NOT looking up is the best plan....glad it worked for you. The creek always cures whatever ails you! Another good plan. God WANTS us to be like Energizer Bunnies for discipleship, so your anology resonates.....smething...not sure what! Love you!

  2. Rachel,

    You look beautiful in your iphone photos.

  3. I wanted to hear a little more elaboration on the sex talk. Awkward!!! Love the creek photos - looks cold!

  4. The real question is, before the sex talk, did you give your students a questionnaire asking what they wear to bed? Because I heard about this teacher that did that one time, and it went over really well. Memories...

    1. Oh my gosh. Hilarious!! I totally forgot about that! But yes, yes we of course quizzed them on their bedtime attire. ;)

  5. i miss you, that's all I can say right now, too many tears

    1. I miss you too!!! Come back, friend!!