Monday, July 1, 2013

Just the Five of Us....ish

We got back yesterday from a week long beach vacation with just the five of us.....ish. (We did have some friends come down and share our beach house with us for one night) but the rest of the time, it was the Fischer Five and we haven't done that in about five years. 
It was time.

And it was awesome.

As I've said before, the kids are at that great age where they would bake all day in the hot sun and sand if we let them. They had such a blast together and we had a blast watching them.

I'll let the pics speak for themselves.
There's a plethora. 

What can I say? I like the camera and the beach and salty, happy kids.

And there were mucho surf lessons this week. And I have to say, I was impressed with my kids mad surfin' skills. Lord knows, they did not get that from me. I tried once.....a long time ago.....and we almost got divorced..... So I relish my role as photographer now that he has new subjects to teach. :)

 And this is what they looked like most nights.

And dang.
These three people?
These little souls that God entrusted me with?
They're pretty cool kids.

And I know I'm biased, but really, I like them. A lot.

Our transition back to being home has not been a smooth one. It has been full of screaming and four of us needing a lot of extra patience to help one of us understand that we're home and we're staying put for awhile and that it's okay if his toothpaste is a little bit crooked or his brother wants to play something different or his chair is not perfectly aligned at the dinner table.

And during the screaming and the crying and the needing more than I sometimes feel I have the energy to give, I come back and look at these pics and I know. 

It was worth it.



  1. What cute Pics, especially the kids that make them so cute! I'm green with envy! Maybe next year... :)

  2. I love love love these pics and those in them!!!! What great fun for all of you! I was thrilled to see those surfing skills being developed and their surf guru looked pretty happy too! Praying for the smooth to be found in transition worlds.