Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Sleep for me is a vicious cycle of will I? Won't I ? Can I?

And yes, I (doctor recommended) medicate to help me sleep.

Judge all you want, but if you're close to me, then you've seen me without sleep.

She ain't pretty.

Or sane.

Anywho - all this to say - I went through a bad sleep cycle last week.

And luckily, I've learned that they are cycles and I will sleep again and the world is not ending, so life is a little easier with that understanding......

But I finally fell into a good deep sleep two nights ago.

And then I woke myself and Todd up.

Because I was trying to fix the engine of our car.

In my sleep.

The role of the engine was played by my bedside lamp.

I thought removing the engine (light bulb) would fix the car.
(that doesn't need fixing.....)

um yeah.
I don't know.
I'm weird.

And clearly I'm not meant to be a mechanic so I can cross that off my list now.


1 comment:

  1. Sleep, beautiful restful restorative sleep! I wish I could "provide" that for you, but you are on all the right paths to get it through your own schedule being hectic and busy it is exhausting all in itself. Then there is the extra fatigue of all that wonderful studying you "enjoy" for the awesome nursing career you will have. On top of that there are school functions/holidays/family visits, etc. that require time/energy. A dr's help is key too. But, seriously....fixing the car is a bit much in your routine so stop that now! :) Sending you love and the prayer for restorative restful sleep to cover you each night minus unscrewing light bulbs!