Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Helloween!

We did our annual Holland/Fischer Helloween night tonight.

Different venue, same kids.

 Love them all.

The Fischer kids were the Wild Kratts.

(If your kids have not watched that show, they are missing out.) 

(Emma Grace's wig was just a hot mess. Literally. I tried to help a sista' out by flat ironing it. Not a good idea. Bless my little heart.......) 

The Holland Kids went as Ariel, Popeye, and a Special Ops:

Great weather, great friends, and great kids.

Who could ask for more?

(Except maybe a wig that works and some high heels that don't give you blisters. Right, Leah Kate?)

 And this one?
He was awesomesauce.

He waited until we got home and as soon as his feet hit our floor, he lost his you know what, but you know what? Homeslice went out and socialized and trick or treated and had a blast for the first time on  Halloween ever! And that was a huge win. 


So, to sum up.

Tonight was awesome.

Hope yours was too.

Enjoy scarfing down your kids candy and telling them the dogs ate it.


  1. I saw an article that 80% of parents steal halloween candy from their kids. Only 80%??? Please. 20% are lying.

  2. Love love love the pics! Such fun to see them all smiles (well not so much the post-high-heel Ariel) and to know that the social aspect of the night didn't overwhelm O-dawg while in the midst of it. FUN weekend with you guys 11/1-11/3 and missing those early a.m. giggles welcoming our day! What a blessing your family is to me!