Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Lucy, you got some splainin' to do...."

A little over a year ago,

we I brought Lucy, also known as "Cray Cray" into our lives.

And even though I'm pretty sure Owen and I are still the only ones who truly love her in this family, I watched him this morning as he intermittently cried and then cuddled up with her, and I thought, well he's the reason we I did this.

And we I think it was worth it.

So Happy One Year, Mona Lucille.

Thank you for all your "drive by lickings" and for constantly jumping up on our guests. Thank you for eating our hot tub cover and pulling limbs out of our trees in the backyard. Privacy is overrated, right? Thank you for chewing our patio furniture and hogging Kaia's dog bed all the time so the geriatric dog has to lay on the floor. Thank you for CONSTANTLY barking at the dogs who live behind us EVERY TIME YOU SEE THEM. Thank you for the time you literally jumped up on the kitchen counter and ate the hamburgers I made for dinner. Dude. I get it. They had to taste better than dog food and you deserve the best. Thank you for some of the fun marital fights you provided and for teaching me and Todd that we react to your shenanigans very differently. They make me laugh during stressful periods and they make him (and most other normal people) want to shoot your face off or rip your heart out. I'm actually quite shocked you lived to see your one year anniversary in the Fischer Fam.

But seriously....

Thanks for being an awesome running partner and a loyal dog to the kids.

Here's to hoping you make it to through your second year in our home.
You may want to tone down your craziness a little bit. I heard talk of shotguns the other night..... There's only so much I can do to protect you. Help a girl out. (And please try not to lick the inside of Todd's mouth again. That may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Just saying.....)

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  1. Lucy....Lucy....Lucy! What a joy I think she is too, but I think even I would draw the line at the interior mouth licking...ugh! I see the joy she brings and the professional love/comfort she provides....she should be a tax right-off based on the drive by lickings alone!! Although Kaia is often on the floor beside Lucy on the dog bed, I think Lucy has been great for Kaia too! All things considered I'm hoping she makes year 2 also!