Sunday, October 13, 2013

Run, Forrest, Run......

Saturday was our first (of what I hope to be annual) participation in the Triangle Autism Society walk. It was great.  I was so proud of my family. And my friends. Seriously. I have the best, most loyal friends in the world. We are so blessed.

And we wanted to thank everyone by having them over for a big carb loading dinner on Friday night before the race. But yeah.....that didn't happen. Because we suck. So instead of carb loading, we sugar loaded as a thanks. Todd and I actually worked together on a project and only fought a couple of hundred times over how things should go because we rock like that. And we're both stubborn as a donkey's rear end so projects together mean strife. Can I get an amen? No? You work beautifully with your spouse all the time? Well, ain't you something? Bless your little heart.

Anywho - healthy treats are overrated so our thanks were full of chocolate and sugar. Because everyone knows that after a good run, you really just want sugar and beer, not the bananas and bagels they set out at the tables......I mean, seriously. (However, it is not a good idea to forget that you're drinking a beer and accidentally get in the car with it after a half marathon like I may or may not have done once.... Right, Danelle?)

And just look at that number there. Would you just look at it?! Our goal was $1,000. 

Oh my word. You don't even know how happy we were with that number.


And our Saturday started bright and early and I think this pic sums it all up:

The reason for the run.

He was fussy. And confused. And he didn't like the change in our routine. But he also sensed our excitement and knew it had to do with him so he was all, "okay, I'll smile and wave because you want me to but my eyes are going to show you how I really feel about all this......" lol.

This one needed coffee. Or he could have been perturbed with me at the moment. It's really hard to decipher so let's just go with the "he needed coffee" theory.....

And these two were ready to roll out.

Once we got there?

Life is always better with Leah Kate!

And here's our team. Our crew. Our rockin' awesome friends and family. Our peeps. The ones we choose to do life with. The ones who make life more enjoyable. The yin to our yang.

And here's an action shot that cracks me up. Look at the legs. We are like the exact same stride. Love it. Bring it, girl. I hope one day we can enjoy long runs together. This was more of a sprint to the nearest port-a-potty.....

So, to sum up, we did it.

We embraced and celebrated something that was hard to accept just six months ago.

And I'm not even gonna lie,
that felt pretty dang good.


  1. I am crying...yes crying....and it is a very mixed set of tears! Joyous, longing to be there, proud of everyone, loving the excitement in a positive way to support Owen (all of you), more joy, lots more longing to be there and pride in a job well done.....a HUGE cheer for everyone's efforts! 6 months ago seems a lifetime ago after seeing the joy in these pics.....every mountain has a steep climb of effort, pain, anguish....but the view is SO cherished and SWEET! Way to rock it ALL Owen's Pack! (oh, and BTW, the SR SR Fischer's don't have a moment of strife when working on a project together....hahahahaha)

  2. That is just so cool, wish we could have been there to run it with y'all.

  3. Loved, loved, loved reading about the Autism Walk! Your account and photos brought tears to my eyes. What a joy, accomplishment, and blessing. The team photo was awesome! The Fischer family is truly blessed!