Monday, September 30, 2013

The Conversation that didn't happen.....

OWEN (preferably in August): Hey Mom?

ME: Yes?

OWEN: I'm thinking about being in and out of the hospital for the next couple of months.

ME: Oh. Okay? What's going to be wrong?

OWEN: The doctors aren't really going to know. Could be an allergy to the tube or an infection or bacteria or acid, etc. But no matter the cause, my g-tube is going to cause a LOT of problems.

ME: Okay. Well thanks for letting me know. I probably shouldn't try to go back to school right now.

OWEN:  Yeah, probably not. Good luck with that.

ME: Good luck to you too. Hope everything works out okay.

OWEN: Oh and Mom?

ME: S'up?

OWEN: I know I complicate things a lot of times, but damn I'm cute.

ME: True story, son. True story.

We're home.


With no promises of what's to come. 

For now, the tube stays.

That could change.

We have awesome friends.

We have awesome family.

And we have an awesome God who is going  to continue to give us strength, even when we get a little peeved at His plans. He's cool like that.

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  1. Yep, way cool like that! With that conversation that didn't happen just remember that your mom in law can help even in the non-hospital times if you need test study peace.....I do need enough notice to drive there so, factor that into the next conversation that does or doesn't happen. Love you!