Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

T'was the Night before Christmas and all through the house,
People were sprawled out on air matresses, praying the children would stay quiet as a mouse.....

We had the honor of hosting Christmas this year. 
And it was chaos, food, presents, screaming monkeys, noise and fun all wrapped up in one big package.

Everywhere you turned there were children and dogs and laughter and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The last of our family trickled out yesterday and I was in a deep funk brought on by the sudden quiet and realization that it would be at least six months to a year before we're all in the same room again.

So without further adieu, I give you the Roberts Family Christmas 2013.
(Also known as a plethora of pictures starring Ellie Kate......)

The Christmas Eve Play:
Emma Grace was Mary. Isaac was Gabriel, Joseph, the three wise men, the shepherds, and the Inn Keeper. 
(Look closely. We even had the star of David.....or Nana's flash. We take this stuff seriously around here.)

The Audience.
(Great child care right here.)

This was the year of the Bike.
And I love Isaac's face here as he sees his uncle's refinished BMX Schwinn Predator.
That's a sweet ride right there. (Thank you, Uncle Aaron and Popeye!)


"Is this for me?!"

We busted out the china for our awesome Christmas Dinner.

The 26th was busy busy busy. We started out at Kevin and Allisen's house for brunch and the Fischer Family Christmas. I was a terrible photographer. I only took three phone photos. Here they are. Savor them......

Then we headed back home to the arrival of my brother's family. All eight Roberts cousins in one place. It was rare and so much fun!

And my favorite Family Photo.
Guns Up.

Some random snapshots:

I'm not an expert at reading body language, but I'm pretty sure Lainey is saying "get your #$%ing camera out of my face, Aunt Rachel!"

These two were the King and Queen of laundry. They kept that stuff going.

We all fell hard for Lil' Miss. Amajah.

A trip to Orvis with Popeye. Stuffed Puppy Fun!

All in all, it was great. Owen did amazing. He lost it a few times, but I think staying home helped him cope with the chaos a bit better. Plus he had his Lukie and he loves him some Lukie. I already miss my sister something terrible. I love me some sister.

Thank you Livingstons and Roberts for traveling to Raleigh and making this a Christmas we'll never forget!

Oh and Mom, you left some screaming monkeys here......I'll ship them to you..... :)

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  1. Nothing says Merry Christmas like great family fun, surprises, great food, AND screaming monkeys...just sayin'....