Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Diva Grace

She's nine, people.


As Isaac said this morning, "Emma Grace, you're halfway to 18."

Holy Crapballs.

I feel like there's one of those sand timer thing-a-ma-jigs and we just realized half of it has emptied.

So I did what any sane mother would do, I chalked this day full of all kinds of talks to get a start on the next nine years:

Topics We Discussed:

*Choosing a spouse
*Potty Training your Toddlers
*Caring for Teenagers
*Career choices
*Saving for college
*Choosing the pet that's right for you.
*How to handle rage
*Surviving your teen years
*Oh.....and whether or not Obamacare works.

Okay just kidding on most all of those. 

There was a brief discussion on childbirth, but she quickly moved on when the word "privates" was mentioned.

However, we did spend her birthday dinner trying to convince Todd that getting a Newfoundland puppy would really be a great fit for our family and our tiny concrete back yard.

It was quite humorous.

But his answer seems to be a firm NO!

Anywho - 

Happy Ninth Birthday to my sweet, sassy, hard working, stubborn and funny "halfway to 18" but still little to me, girl!

I love you more than my pajamas and one day (in about 12 years)  we'll pour us some wine and discuss all topics mentioned above.

Until then, ssssssllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwww down on this growing thing and enjoy your lego friends that are littered all over the living room floor.



  1. You know so well how I usually respond with a comment w/in 24 hrs. of you writing on your blog. But this time I just kept reading, looking at pics, and then forgetting to post. Maybe it was because this sweet Diva IS growing up too fast! Wasn't it yesterday that we all were hanging out in the Duke hospital room watching that Bill Cosby video about childbirth....the one that was NOT funny after 24 hours+ of labor? Then Jeff & I got our first look at this precious little girl and wow did we feel blessed. Two little Diva's 5 weeks apart and seeing the pics of Kenlee also "meeting" her what a wild time for all of us! I am so glad she might still let me call her a "little girl" bright and eager to learn but still filled with the joys of a child!!! I'll hang onto the "little girl" status as long as she'll let me but tell her Grandma Fish says: "stop growing up so fast missy!"

  2. Staggering - it seems impossible for to be half of eighteen - ingenious way of stating her age, but really scary. What a bright, funny, energetic addition to our family. We real-l-l-ly needed a Diva, especially since our other one chooses to live half a continent away! My wish is that the next nine years will be as entertaining but a whole lot slower (doubtful).