Thursday, March 13, 2014

Holy Skeletal System, Batman

This crap is HARD! 

I am struggling in Anatomy and Physiology.
And believe me, it is not from lack of trying.

Science and math do not come easily to me.

I'm acing my psych courses though.

So basically, my sister and I decided that if I make it out of school and into a hospital, some of my conversations with patients may go like this.......

"I'm so sorry you're sick, Mr. Smith. I want to sit and listen and help you emotionally in any way possible, but first, could you remind me where your upper arm is, because that's where I'm supposed to give you this shot...... So what you're saying Ms. Jones is that you don't need your leg amputated just because you have a headache?.......I'm so sorry, Dr. I didn't realize that hydration was important, I thought the IV bag was optional. I know you're upset, Dr. but look at how happy my dehydrated patient is. I just psychoanalyzed her and gave her a personality test. And also, she's a virgo. A dehydrated virgo, but still!"

Okay so my nursing career may not last very long like that.......

But it's hard to study SOOOOOOOOOO much and still only get average grades on exams. So here's to the tutoring I'm about to start getting. Here's to busting my tail even more the next two months. Here's to not seeing these people as much as I like because my nose will be buried in books. And here's to hoping that this will all be worth it in the end! Because nothing worth having is easy, right? Oh Lord please tell me I'm right.

And here's to the people that rock my socks and put up with my lack of involvement in their lives right now:

(Character Day at school.)
Laura Ingalls Wilder

And of course, RGIII

And a gap tooth grin.....

My big fatty who is still rocking the tenth percentile.

Owen and his BFF

And my BFF for spring break?

Awww yeah. 
I know you're jealous.
Muscle girl is rocking that pose.

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