Monday, May 19, 2014

Life, Death, the Cyborg and Her Minions

I'm doing a smashing job keeping up with the blog right now. In my defense...........I really have no defense, so make up your own stories as to why I can't keep up with the blog and I assure you they'll be more interesting than my excuses.

Here's a quick recap of life in the Fischer House the past month:

1. I finished exams!!! Which also means I finished my first year back in school!!!! Which also means I don't have to study right now!!!!!!
You would think that would mean I am using the time to catch up on housework, but I'm not.....

And this is totally how I felt after exams were over:

2. I went to Texas to help my sister unpack her new house. Which means I got to see the Sister!!!! I love me some Sister Time!

3. For Mother's Day, Todd gave in on the guinea pig battle and we brought home sweet little Agnes.
She was darling and fluffy and everybody loved her, even Todd.

She died four days later. Our first fish lasted longer than her.

I wanted to look around for another one that looked similar to her. Todd said we weren't going home without a guinea pig for Owen.

Enter Edith.

Emma Grace and I don't think she's nearly as cute as Agnes, but she has a lot more personality and spunk. Probably because she's not dying.

Owen cared nothing about the switch. He doesn't care what guinea pig he has; he just wants a guinea pig. Emma Grace cried for a long time and asked if Agnes is in Guinea Pig Heaven? I lied and said of course she is. Of course. Isaac likes the guinea pig just fine if she's not interfering with something else he wants to do. lol.

And yes, Owen picked the first names and named them after the sisters in Despicable Me.
Full Name?
Edith Bandito Chocolate Chip Fischer.

Who doesn't need a guinea pig named Edith Bandito Chocolate Chip Fischer?!

4. I had surgery on my right ear and now have titanium inside my head. Todd keeps calling me his cyborg. My recovery is slow but getting better each day. I need a good TV show to watch. That's free on Amazon. Feel free to leave your suggestions!

Doesn't everyone recover from surgery with rodents?


What's wrong with y'all?

5. The kids are doing awesomesauce.

This one is growing like a weed. Here she is reenacting a picture from her baby days with Kaia. Those legs? Seriously?

This one is turning 8 today! TODAY!! EIGHT!! 

He's almost as tall as his sister and still loves everything sports. His big dream right now is to go to Golden Corral because his cousin told him they have a chocolate fountain there. So, we're surprising him (and his friend Jack) with a family dinner to Golden Corral tonight. We live it up big in this house.

And this one? You guys. He is doing so well right now. He is growing and maturing and trying so hard. He fights so hard every day and we're so stinking proud of him. We had his IEP meeting a few weeks ago, and he's met some of his goals, and he has a lot more to meet next year, but overall, he's doing really really well. And that makes my heart happy.

This pic was taken during a rough night a few weeks ago when he ended up in the bed with me, but I mean how can you complain? Look at that sweet face!

So yeah.

That's my update. 

New pets, birthdays, and titanium.

What's up with you?


  1. This update is SO right on the excuses, just LIFE happening all around you. Everyday life in a happy, loving, family of 5....I mean 7 w/Kaia & Lucy....oh, 8 with Edith! Yep, busy, happy, loving! Me?...... I have no new pets, no titanium, no final exams, but I do long to see my sister! Keep healing!

  2. Amazon... try "Suits". Congratulations on finishing your first year of school! I just graduated Nursing school this week, thank goodness! Glad all the kids are doing well.

  3. LOVE the coffee/alcohol t-shirt! How true, how true! But the funniest pic by far is EG's legs! What a riot! Look just like her Mom's!