Monday, June 2, 2014

Third Time's a Charm........ Hopefully

So we SUCK at guinea pigs.

Like really suck.

They've probably posted our pics at all local pet stores with warning signs.

Yes, we're on our third guinea pig in one month's time. We change guinea pigs more often than I change underwear.  Edith was great, but because I suck and wasn't being diligent about watching her when she was out of her cage, she got injured on accident. She is at the vet and they think she's going to be fine after some rest and isolation.....neither of which she would get in this house, so we now have Margo. And we told the kids, there were three sisters in Despicable Me and if Margo doesn't make it, we just weren't meant to be a guinea pig family.

So far so good but we're only four days in. Give it time.........

The kids saying goodbye to Edith before I took her to the vet:

EG cried. Isaac was indifferent. And Owen said, "don't forget to bring home Margo."

As Mom says, he's not going to have any problems down the road with the ladies.

Owen at 16: "Oh? You're dumping me? That's fine. Tell your sisters and friends I'm available."

The new love of his life:

We're winding down the school year with EOG's and parties and field days and all the excitement that comes with summer on the horizon.

Our sweet friend Molly took some awesome pics of the kids. Awesome!

I may be biased, but they're pretty stinkin' adorable and I'm ready to have some summer fun with them.

And this goddaughter of mine? She is growing like a weed. All chunk and adorableness wrapped up in one package.

Happy Almost Summer!

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  1. Margo looks Mah-vuh-luss! Hoping 3rd time IS the charm. The pics are awesome! Baby chunkiness doesn't quite describe all that cuteness in EG's arms! Looking forward to seeing her again. Tell Molly I love her pics too!