Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life With a Literal

I'm going to start a new "series" of posts titled Life With a Literal.

Because I'm living life with a Literal.
Black and White.

Every day.

And sometimes that means we laugh when we shouldn't, we have to explain things a lot, we hug a lot, we console a lot, and you know what? Sometimes we're the ones who need the hugs because our feelings can get hurt. A lot.

For example, this was a conversation a few days ago:

Owen: Why did you give me green cheetos today?

Me: Because obviously I knew you liked them and I'm the best mama in the world.

Owen: You're not the best mom in the world.

Me: I'm not?

Owen: No. There are a lot of moms that are better than you.
Me: What are their names?
Owen: Well, I don't know their names, but they are better than you.

Me: True story. Thanks son. (I'm going to go into the bathroom and cry now. You just sit here and enjoy your green cheetos that a better mom would have made from scratch.......)

Or how about this one? Owen screams every time it's time to leave his friend Leah Kate's house. My awesome friend Danelle works with him EVERY SINGLE WEEK on making this transition easier:

Danelle: Owen, what are you going to say when your mom gets here today?

Owen: I'm going to cry.

Danelle: No, remember, we're going to say "hi Mommy! I missed you!"

Owen: Why would I say that? I don't miss her.

Does he mean for his words to be hurtful?

Not in the least.

That's the world for him. Black and white. True or false. 

Good news in all this?

He's honest to a fault.

Me: Owen, what was that loud noise?

Owen: That was me hitting Emma Grace over the head with my play sword because she wouldn't let me play with her. She's crying now.

Alrighty then.

Life with a Literal.

Little Lamb.

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  1. Good thing all the rest of us KNOW how awesome Owen's mom is.....although you haven't mastered making those green cheetos from scratch yet, so I won't get the trophy engraved just yet! Seriously, it IS a good reminder that our sweet Owen is Mr. Literal. Whenever I am there I learn new things about him but mostly about how I personally act/react and ways those actions/reactions can help him. Not easy for the few days to a week I might be there "in the trenches". As for you as the person in those trenches 24/7, well kudos to the times you were able to sneak off to soothe those feelings or found ways to laugh about it or nodded your head in the dumbfounded way we often process how HE processes. Yep, it is a Literal World in his sphere of life! Love my little lamb SO much!! (AND his greatest mom in the world)