Thursday, July 17, 2014

Working Girl

After 10 years, I have re-entered the world of the working.

Back to not offend anyone......I have reentered the world of "working outside the home."

I have had odd jobs here and there: part time gigs and violin lessons, etc.

But those days are gone. Probably for good.

Now I'm working shifts where I'm away from the house for 9+ hours at a time. That's a long time to be away from these three kids who drain my energy yet fuel my soul.

It has not been the easiest transition period for our family, but we're working through it.

And it is time. Really, it's past time. We've stretched and sacrificed financially for ten years and even though I'm hardly bringing in the big bucks right now, every little bit of extra helps. (Especially when your 5.5 year old is still highly dependent on formula feedings.....and your 8 year old wants to play sports......and your 9 year old wants to go to art camp and probably needs braces soon.....) Who knew kids were so dang expensive? ;)

Since I'm in the midst of changing careers, I am at the "bottom" of the totem pole work wise. Literally. I spend my days working with patients and helping meet their most basic needs...... 

And you know what?

So far? I love it.

Plus, the schedule is flexible so right now I work late in the evening when Todd's available to be home with the kids so we don't have to pay child care and Owen doesn't have to transition more than necessary. 

Do Todd and I get to see each other? 
Why? Is that important in a marriage?
I had no idea actual time together was important?!

Don't worry. This "ships passing in the night" phase of our lives won't last forever.

Hopefully this whole going back to school and changing careers and more flexibility will be a good thing for our family in the long run.

Working Girl Selfie?

Awwwwwwww yeah.......


Nothing sexier than navy scrubs and stark white leather tennis shoes.......can I get an A to the Men?



  1. You look pretty darn cute to me! And I know I'm not biased! Don't know if you remember, but I remember that difficult transition of re-entering the work field after 15 yrs. of being a stay-at-home Mom. It was an adjustment for everyone, but we all survived. And we were all better for it - especially me. So glad you are enjoying it. Hang in there. Love U.

    1. I do remember it, Mom, because we started having to help out a lot more around the house and make our own lunches. The horror. Oh the horror. ;)

  2. I had to start making my own lunch in third grade, I'm still traumatized! :)

  3. Your love ethic and work ethic for your family, marriage, life, are pretty dang sexy in my opinion. No comment on your scrubs/shoes but I'll bet they're sexy too...ha ha! I went from teaching to staying home for several years then back to work full time about one month before your hubby entered Kindergarten. Only other time not working outside the house was the first 16 months living on OBX when they were teens and goodness knows someone had to be around to keep them from going from being "good sons" to running amuck! Your kids will do great too as they see you thriving! Good thing they are already pretty amazing, remarkable, brilliant, and intelligent!