Monday, November 3, 2014

Helloween 2014

Hate to say it, lest I jinx it, but every year gets a little bit easier and less chaotic.

I saw many parents lugging around tired toddlers all kinds of hyped up on sugar and adrenaline while crying because they are annoyed that their parents won't let them stop and shovel in mouthfuls of candy at each house along the way and I thought oh how I miss those days Suckers! Glad it's not me this year!!

I know, I'm so so sweet.

But before you judge me too harshly:

Please remember, I served my time.

This is still my least favorite holiday, but guilt from having to study so much the past few weeks earned the kids Halloween books, pumpkin carving, and roasting pumpkin seeds together.

That's right.

I was ALL in the day before Halloween this year.
And the Winning Mom for October 30th goes to......Rachel Fischer!
My reward was Halloween candy.

We did our annual Fischer/Holland Gathering.

We had Captain Rogers, Elsa, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, a blonde Ron Weasley, and Draco Malfoy. 

So basically we had a crap ton of cuteness (and a horrible photographer) between the ages of 5-10. 

I tried to convince Todd to dress like this:

I don't know why he wouldn't? 
Someone on FB said he should embrace his inner Bronie, but he still wouldn't do it.

Instead we dressed up as........wait for it..........can you guess?

Ding ding ding ding.
Four Tired Parents!!
Our costumes were complete with wine, beer, and dark eye circles.

Before Helloween 2014, our family took a two day sojourn to the mountains.
It was amazing, beautiful, relaxing, and much needed!

I worked the night before so my road trip started off with big glasses to hide said dark eye circles and the only thing that keeps me going every day:

We had a blast hiking and climbing things at Doughton Park.

And in the car riding portions of the trip, Lucy decided she would sit wherever she could get closest to her humans......

Apparently including, but not limited to, Emma Grace's Lap?
Um Luce. You weigh more than her. She should be sitting in your lap.........

This little guy started some new medications and we're hoping/praying to see improvement in symptoms and some weight gain very SOON.

And that's about it on Helloween and Mountain Trip updates.

Enjoy Candy Eating Time!

It's officially time to let out the pants.....

That's right - The HOLIDAYS are here!


  1. I love ALL the pics! Fun times - especially when it is NOT like that first pic years ago.....your tears mixing in with theirs probably! My least fav "holiday" too, but we mom's do what we can not to deprive our own little goblins from the horrors of the day/night! Nice job keeping the perspective cause you HAVE done your time!

  2. You're too funny....yep our pictures looked most like the very first one haha!! And I seriously don't know who half of those people are they dressed up as. Except Elsa, I clearly know who she is because that's on Repeat at our house :) cute pics, cute kids!!