Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ain't Nobody Got Time for that Bunny

Sometimes life (and holidays) just aren't what you think they will be. Easter 2015 was definitely one of those times. I had visions of family pics in our new house, somewhat matching and decent outfits, Easter baskets filled with candies, treats and, something special for each kid, etc. You know - the works - because when somebody dies for your sins and then they rise from the dead, it's kind of a big deal.

Instead of an awesome celebration, our Easter looked like this:

Literally, I made nothing for Easter. Not one hard boiled egg or resurrection roll or special treat. The kids got one basket with nine eggs full of jelly beans  (so that's a whopping three eggs each) and they got a gift card. Lackluster to say the least. And when EG started crying because there was no ham in the oven when she got home from church and I told her the oven was empty like the tomb, she said, I probably shouldn't use that excuse anymore. Dang. Harsh. And just FYI, we had ham the next night because I'm a bad mom, but I'm not THAT bad. A late celebration is better than no celebration, right?

And I didn't get any pics or input into their clothing because I was still asleep with Owen when they left for church. When a friend dropped the older two back home, well, let's just say.......their outfits were interesting. Isaac wore a black and red striped flannel shirt, and EG had on a black dress with hot pink running tights and winter fur lined boots. And Sister definitely did not brush her hair. Like at all.

Yup. Life with Owen oft throws a kink in our plans and we got no choice but to roll with it. Dude was one sick little boy and we're so glad he's feeling better now and actually went back to school today. And I vow to maybe/hopefully do better next year? Like maybe I'll lay out their clothes the night before and put a flashing neon sign in the bathroom that says BRUSH YOUR FREAKING HAIR!?

Anywho -

before stomach viruses and flannel/fur lined lackluster Easter celebrations - we did a little something called moving. And painting.

I painted the crizzap out of our little town home and I'm obsessed with my kitchen color.

I could stare at it all day long.

And the kids were troopers when I dragged them to the paint store over and over and over and over and over and over again. The samples were $1. We ended up with 15 samples and 7 gallons and my picture was posted outside the store asking me not to enter and bug Earl the Paint Guy. Again. EVER.

So we're settling in to our new home and making new lackluster memories that include, but are not limited to, climbing walls to try to make Owen smile.

And even though I didn't go to church on Easter Sunday, I'm still rocking my new Jesus shirt that a friend gave me:

 because it's true.

I do love Jesus.

And I do cuss a little a lot.

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  1. You should definitely be obsessed with the kitchen color - it looks great!! Just to make you feel better, you probably don't remember this event. The one time I went on a girlfriend trip when you were little (age 3), your hair wasn't brushed for 3 days. And, yes, Dad took you to church looking like an abandoned orphan. Your SS teacher asked where I was. So maybe you inherited the Worst Mom gene. Sorry about that.