Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Wheels

I ordered some new wheels today.

Don't get too excited. 

Unfortunately they're not for me or Todd.....

They're for Owen.

After much research, and multiple times where we're in public places and he is overwhelmed by the crowd and wants to be carried, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase a special needs stroller. 

This is not a cheap decision and we are SO SO SO SO SO blessed to be able to use money raised by friends to make this purchase. So blessed. And awed. And amazed. And humbled. And excited about what this means for our family.

There was part of me that was scared I would have to talk him into it because he's bigger now and "strollers are for babies." Well apparently that's my own insecurity. I'm 100% sure I will be self conscious that people will judge me and my six year old in the stroller, but I'll have to get over it because I just showed him this picture and he was so excited!! Apparently he knows he gets overwhelmed and tires easily and he likes being strapped in and feeling secure. Oh, and he wants a sun shade on it. So back to amazon I go, because if he will ride in this better with a sun shade and save my arms and back, it will be money well spent.

So look out, New Jersey.

Here we come, in T-2 weeks and 3 days, rocking our new wheels yo.


 The countdown has begun.

PS - if you are a special needs family and want to know how the stroller works out, message me, and I'll give feedback in a few weeks. (Reading reviews really helped me!)

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  1. Wahoo Styling & Profiling Wheels!! Looks great and I'm sure it will be MORE than worth the money for little O'Dawg. Not sure who will like it more - you or Owen!